>>>Comedian Making Fun of Evolution?

Comedian Making Fun of Evolution?

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Reasons for Hope Conference

HarbourShoresCarl Kerby’s Reasons for Hope Conference is THIS weekend, October 18-19! I will be speaking with Carl Kerby, Carl Kerby, Jr., Mike Riddle, Juan Valdes, Diana Waring, and Nazareth. Location for this potentially life-changing event is Harbor Shores Baptist Church, 8011 E 216th, Cicero, Indiana 46034, (800) 552-4673. This speaker lineup looks absolutely amazing. They even have a comedian in the program. I hope he makes fun of evolution, but something tells me that we, speakers won’t be exempt from the “fun!” If you know of anyone around the Indianapolis, Indiana area, please encourage them to come to this conference. It promises to be entertaining, educational, and spiritually reviving! Register at www.thehope2013.com.

frank_sherwinBack at home, we have the privilege of hosting Frank Sherwin, our long-time ministry friend, and research associate, senior lecturer, and science writer for the Institute for Creation Research. He is speaking for Pensacola Christian College’s chapel services and is taking a little bit of time to do some filming for The Creation Today Show with us.

lalo_guntherJoining him is his fellow ICR staff member, Lalo Gunther who serves as ICR’s Director of Online Community and Conference Ministries. Ministry friend, Lalo has been involved in creation ministry since 2000 and launched a brand-new ICR division called Your Origins Matter. This program seeks to assist college students wanting real answers to questions asked by their professors. If you have not seen it then check it out right now!

228px-PensacolaChristianPaul Taylor and myself attended the chapel service at which Mr. Sherwin spoke at Pensacola Christian College. Students were equipped with their worldview foundation which is God’s Word. Mr. Sherwin showed the students how what they believe determines how they think; and how they think determines how they behave. No wonder it is essential to have a biblical worldview! Thank you, Mr. Sherwin for your clear teaching on this subject!

If you have not read Frank Sherwin’s book, The Ocean BookThe Ocean Book,  you need to read it, as it offers great scientific information and informative, practical teaching.

The Genesis movie campaign has been amazing. God has miraculously brought in the funds necessary to complete the project and begin to move forward to its theatrical release. Please encourage others to join the movement by praying, watching, sharing, and supporting this groundbreaking work. If you have not seen our trailer, go to GenesisMovie.com.

Keep serving God and be found faithful.

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