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Watch the Extended Interview with Expert Israel Wayne

Eric and Marianne interview Israel Wayne, author and speaker at Family Renewal discussing education from a Scriptural perspective. Details presented show the adverse effect Common Core brings to the homeschool community.



What can you acquire that no one can take away from you?
Education, the priceless investment that helps determine how you impact the world.

Guests E. Ray Moore, Don Enz and Israel Wayne shed light on the polar opposites of Biblical education and the new Common Core.

Learn how to fend off Common Core in your copy of
Escaping Common Core: Setting Our Children Free.



Common Core was created in 2009 and is meant to even the playing field by giving every state a universal set of standards to measure learning. The program is incentivized with federal grant money that is given to states that implement the standards.

The Common Core — a set of education standards adopted by nearly every U.S. state — was built on the idea that students should be able to think critically rather than just memorize material for tests.

It’s a good goal. A common and valid criticism of American education is that it focuses too much on rote learning and not enough on comprehension.
Common Core emphasizes critical thinking, and the tests are designed to test students’ comprehension about what they read and how they come to solutions for math problems. The tests are so intense, taking the average student eight to 10 hours to complete. And teachers are under so much pressure to prepare their students to do well that instruction becomes less individualized and critical thinking in students can be hampered.

Is Common Core unnecessarily complicated?

Does it destroy self-esteem and critical thinking skills?

Is Common Core ruining our educational system?

What can we do about it anyway?

Escaping Common Core: Setting Our Children Free gives answers and hope for those caught in the snares of the Common Core system.