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Why is it that 90% of Americans call themselves Christians, yet less than 2% share their faith? In Acts 17 the Bible records how the Apostle Paul had to start evangelism with the creation story. “…TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you. God that made the world and all things therein, …” It is time to start learning how to defend our faith biblically and accurately from the very beginning.

Recommended Age 16+

1. Learn why the Christian faith is the only worldview that can account for the world around us.
2. Learn what arguments Atheists have against Christianity and why those arguments fail.
3. Learn how to present the Gospel to unbelievers in a loving and humble manner.
4. Learn about the greatness of God and why He is worthy of our worship—24/7/365.
5. Learn how to go on the offensive when it comes to evangelism, not only the defensive.
6. Identify the major world views and why they fall short of accounting for reality.
7. Learn how to witness to anyone from the college professor to the neighborhood kid, as well as, to a person of a different religion.

Topic’s Covered:

  • Who is the God of the Bible?
  • The Discovery of Truth
  • How Big is God?
  • Defending the Truth
  • Proof of God — Knowledge
  • Sanctify Your Hearts
  • Sharing the Truth
  • Defending with Confidence
  • Answering Difficult Questions
  • Relationships with Others
  • Using Tracts to Share the Gospel
  • Lessons We’ve Learned
  • David Smart Debates Atheists, Alex and Jim
  • Debating with Unbelievers

Please be sure to order your copy of the required textbook: School of Biblical Evangelism