Godonomics Online Course
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A 6-session video-driven study that will teach you what God actually says about money.  It explains difficult subjects in easy-to-understand language while answering practical questions like:

  • Is God a capitalist or socialist?
  • What is deficit spending?
  • What’s the line between helping vs enabling those in need?
  • What is “sound” money?
  • Is there such a thing as “obscene” profits?

Godonomics is a fun, engaging, fact-filled journey into God’s wisdom on money.  You’ll discover time-tested truth on instilling a strong work ethic, building savings, developing guidelines for spending, and experiencing the joys of both prosperity & wisdom.

This course also includes resources needed to lead a small group in “what the Almighty says about the almighty dollar.”

You’ll learn what the Bible says about:

  • Helping vs enabling the needy
  • When to save vs spend
  • The joy of generosity
  • The value of work ethic
  • …and much more

This course consists of:

  • Six half-hour video teachings of what God says about money
  • Printable small group leader’s guides, study guides, worksheets, quizzes, and answer keys
  • Online Quizzes (Graded instantly!)
  • Real-life applications

Liberty, Prosperity, & Generosity! ! !