Eric and Steven

Three years later I am still so thankful for Steven’s passion and vision!

Wow! Almost three years ago I asked you to join me in prayer for our brand-new Creation Network. What started as a dream to unite Creation Ministries has now become a reality! Through various avenues we get to show the world that we are united and have a message of HOPE because Jesus Christ, the Creator, has become our Savior!

It all began on April 4, 2014, when I was blessed to sit down with Steven Policastro, a young man who shared my passion for unifying the Creation movement. For two years he had been praying with this vision in mind. Imagine our excitement as the ideas began to flow! Since then we have seen the Lord move in mighty and miraculous ways bringing many individuals together to achieve HIS goals!

Currently, there are over eighty creation tours and museums within the Creation Network, as well as hundreds of creation speakers. Ministries on all six continents give millions of people access to the Creation Message and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Check out these awesome avenues for spreading the Creation Message!


It’s Google for Creation, without all the junk!



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Quotes from Members

The Creation Network is a great blessing for ministries, especially the small ones, to be able to network, share ideas, and get help in finding resources to help spread the message of the Gospel and Biblical creation! -Dr. Anthony Silvestro, DDS, Creation Revival

We love being part of The Creation Network. It keeps us updated on what’s going on with other creation ministries, and helps advertise what we are doing!! -Doug Bennett, Northwest Science Museum

The Creation Network has greatly helped our ministry’s outreach by providing contacts for our science department which helped in the development of our online database. The network’s resources have been great for a science-based ministry to associate with others of like passion and like-mind. The Creation Network has been a tremendous asset to us, and their staff’s encouragement has been wonderful! Thank you, Creation Network! -Janessa Cooper, Family Truth Ministries

Many of our visitors ask the question, ‘Are there other museums like this one?’ We then have the opportunity to point them to the Creation Network and the map of other creation ministries around the world. Many have never heard about creation based museums and science centers and the network allows them to look in one place as they plan their vacations. -Robert Canen, Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum


As I travel and speak all over the country it is such a joy to encounter individuals, families, and ministries who use the Network to grow in their knowledge of the Biblical Worldview. Thank you for your prayers and for your investment in the Kingdom. Eternity will tell the story of our efforts here on earth.

For God’s Glory,



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