• Hosted By
    • Harbor Baptist Church
      1120 Clay Street @ Hwy 17
      Fleming Island, FL 32003
  • Meeting Times
    • Join Eric Hovind at one of the following services:
      • Sunday, February 24
        • 9:14AM — Dinosaurs and the Bible: What’s the truth about the dinosaurs? When did they live how did they die? Can the Bible make sense of it all?
        • 10:30AM — God Quest: after 21 years of growing up in a Christian home, Eric Hovind realized he wasn’t a Christian. Hear his journey from false convert to true believer.
        • 6:00PM — The Mind of the Skeptic: with atheism being the fastest growing religion in America today, we better find out why. Eric has had thousands of conversations with evolutionists and atheists. So, what is it that really keeps them going? Why can’t they see the truth?