Not what I expected, and I am so glad!

I expected the usual questions after speaking on a Sunday morning this fall, maybe something about carbon dating, or dinosaurs, or possibly philosophy. But when Curt came up to me, he began to open up and share. He was a drummer in his church but a skeptic in his heart. Unfortunately, his story is all too common in Christianity today.

Later that week I got Curt’s number from the pastor and called to check up on him to see if he had any specific questions and to encourage him. That phone call left me more blessed than Curt! When you hear it, you will know why.


Curt told me how that Sunday changed his life. He had been studying the resources I left with him, educating himself to give better answers to his coworkers. He is now working with his local church to start a young adult Bible study, and he’s talking with the leadership there about how to improve their evangelistic efforts. This man will bring people in his town to Christ and further the gospel everywhere he has influence!

This didn’t happen because of one Sunday morning message.

It started way before that when a community of believers rallied behind a handful of people, who worked together to produce materials and travel the nation sharing the awesome message of God’s creation and redemption through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. AMEN!

Do you want to be part of stories like Curt’s? Will you partner with us this year to reach and educate and transform more young people than ever?

Then please pray for God’s power on this outreach. Visit and give to carry God’s life-changing message to even more people like Curt. How we thank God for each one of you who share Creation Today’s passion and who unite with us financially and in prayer. May God richly bless you in 2017 as we serve the Resurrected King!

For God’s Glory,

Eric Hovind & the Creation Today Team

P.S. Thank you for keeping us on the front lines. We are committed to be here and are so thankful to be standing with people like you to accomplish more together. Your gift this year will ensure that people like Curt will continue to be impacted with the gospel through the Creation message.