>>>Dear Michelle: Ussher Was Right

Dear Michelle: Ussher Was Right

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An open letter to the concerned lady who called The 700 Club a few days ago, asking what she should say to her sons, who are questioning the Bible because of its perceived failure to explain dinosaurs.

Dear Michelle

700 Club letter - part 1 of 2You were so right to ask for advice on this subject. I am so sorry that you got an answer which, with the greatest of respect to Pat Robertson, was neither biblical nor scientific.

We have a number of brief articles on our website on concerning the age of the Earth. Mr. Robertson said that the Bible does not say that the Earth is 6,000 years old. It does. I have covered this point in an article entitled The Biblical Age of the Earth, and I have coincidentally prepared an ebook which greatly expands on this point, showing that Ussher’s dates were based on the Bible. We also have articles and editions of the Creation Today Show that talk about dinosaurs, and how we understand when they lived.

700 Club letter - part 2 of 2In Matthew 19, Jesus declared that Adam was “from the beginning”, using a phrase that is only used on the beginning of the entire creation. Yet Mr. Robertson claims that dinosaurs lived “before Bible times”. If that is so, then Adam was not “from the beginning”. Therefore, I have to respectfully ask this: “Does Pat Robertson believe the words of Jesus or not?”

Michelle, if you get in touch with our ministry at questions@creationtoday.org, identifying yourself, I would be happy to let you have some free resources about dinosaurs and the biblical age of the Earth. Meanwhile, let me assure you that your concern for your sons and for your husband shows that you are being a good and Godly mother and wife. I am sorry that you were let down by the answer that you received.

Yours Sincerely in Christ

Paul Taylor
Creation Today

Note: James Ussher was an Anglican clergyman from Dublin, Ireland, who lived from 1581 through 1656. He is famous for having written a large volume of the world, called The Annals of the World, based on biblical dates and events. He calculated from the Bible that the creation occurred in 4004 B.C. It is noteworthy that in his own historical work, The History of Ancient Kingdoms, Isaac Newton, a careful researcher, accepted Ussher’s calculations as correct.

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