Paul Abramson and 20 years of!

Originally from the Northwest, Paul Abramson earned his B.S. in History from Portland State University. His studies of Scripture, history, science, and evidence all led him to leave his belief in theistic evolution, which rejects a literal reading of Genesis, and instead, to espouse “young earth creation science” as the best theory regarding our ancient origins.

Paul’s scientific, analytical mind made him a natural in the world of computers, and his resume includes several high-tech positions including working for Microsoft. This was all part of God’s plan for his unique “behind-the-scenes” work in the creation-evolution battle—for many—one of the biggest roadblocks to them accepting the Gospel.

God further prepared Paul for a special purpose by having him travel abroad extensively, and living outside the US for about eight years: three in Europe and five in Japan. And what some classify as yet another foreign country residence; Paul lived in “The Peoples Republic of Berkeley, California” for 5 years where he taught the Creation Theory to anyone who would listen. Paul gleaned much about the spiritual needs of many peoples through these work opportunities and life experiences.

With his computer skills, his science knowledge, and a burden to reach the world with the Gospel, twenty years ago in 1997, Paul founded Through this life work, Paul has developed a website of Creation Science material in over 100 languages including over 400 creation theory articles, dozens of translated creation books, and direct links to over 140 other major creation websites. Among his many ongoing projects, Paul is currently coordinating the translation of GENESIS: Paradise Lost with 30 languages already underway, and hopes for a first International Edition release by late spring of 2018.

Because most of Paul’s work as editor, facilitating the linking and posting of thousands of pages of material remains largely unnoticed and in the background, his support has never been such that he could work full-time in his life-ministry calling with authors and publishers. He therefore works other jobs in order to support the outreach of his own labors. Faithfully building his own computers, scanning text and images, coordinating efforts of hundreds of translators from around the world, verifying translation work, and posting it all to the website all take demanding, detailed concentration and careful preparation in order to create and display data accurately.

Knowing evolution is primarily a spiritual deception, Paul remains in the battle for souls and currently resides in southern Indiana. He has spoken to a number of secular and religious groups in various cities, taking a logical and science-based approach to defending the creation theory and is available to speak at your university, science class, church, or civic function.

This month as we spotlight Paul Abramson, founder of on his twentieth anniversary of ministry, we hope you will prayerfully consider a Christmas gift or a monthly partnership to support a ministry that is literally boosting the messages of many creation and apologetics ministries around the globe via the internet!

Contact Paul at, or send your letter to:

Paul Abramson
5444 E. Indiana St. #195
Evansville, IN 47715

Blessed 20th Anniversary, Paul Abramson!

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