>>>Did dinosaurs turn into birds?

Did dinosaurs turn into birds?

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Some textbooks say, “Birds are the descendants of dinosaurs.” They claim that although dinosaurs are extinct, their evolutionary child is the bird. They print this stuff in children’s books.

Kids, in case you don’t know, there are a few differences between birds and dinosaurs. You can’t just stick a few feathers on a dinosaur and get it to fly. Reptiles have four legs, while birds have two legs and two wings. If the front legs turned into wings, the evolutionist has to believe that somewhere in the evolutionary spectrum they had to be half-leg, half-wing. This means, during that time, the creature couldn’t run or fly, and had a serious survival problem.

Possibly the most popular dinosaur-bird stunt was made of Archaeopteryx (meaning “ancient wing”). The textbooks claim “Archaeopteryx was about the size of a crow and shared many features with small theropods.” This is a fairy tale. Archeopteryx was just a perching bird. Watch the video below to see me debunk the myth of Archaeopteryx. For further information, get my Debate #6, where I debate Dr. Robin Richardson of Winona State University on this very topic.

From Lies in the Textbooks (Seminar Part 4).

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