Many ask, “The number of fossils in certain areas of the world is enormous. How could the earth have supported all those creatures at the same time?” This question assumes the earth today is the same as it has always been.

Today’s earth is 70% under water. There would probably have been a greater diversity and quantity of organisms before the Flood, owing to fewer mutations, and, we imagine, more conducive climatic conditions.

The Biblical Flood

Second Peter 3 tells us that the scoffers in the last days will be willingly ignorant of how God created the heavens and the earth. They would also be ignorant of the Flood. These two great events must be considered before making any statements about the conditions on earth today. Only about 3% of the earth today is habitable for man. The rest is under water, ice, deserts, mountains, etc. If the earth before the Flood were, for example, 70% habitable, it could have supported a huge population. Most of the water in today’s oceans would have been under the earth’s crust before the Flood.1

The vast amount and worldwide distribution of fossils shows the Flood was global and that God hates sin enough to judge the entire world.2

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