While looking up the definition for “Evolution” on Wikipedia, you will see the following sentence: “In chemistry, the term evolution is often used to refer to the production of a gas in a chemical reaction, but a process like natural selection is not involved.”

Why don’t those who hold to Evolutionism and Naturalism believe that everything is simply a chemical reaction? You see, when you teach that our thoughts are simply chemical reactions that take place in the brain, then you do not control your thoughts, chemicals do. Every thought, every reaction, every emotion and feeling is simply chemicals responding to the environment. If this really is the case, then we have no free will. We are subject to the whims of chemicals reacting in our brain based on our environment.

The very fact that you have the ability to “think,” to “change your mind,” to experience and control your “emotions” shows that we are not the product of random chance over time. Our thoughts are not highly evolved and adaptive chemical reactions taking place in the brain. Truly, we were made in the image of God Himself. In response we should honor God in every thought and every deed just like the Bible tells us. (2 Corinthians 10:5)