I’m reading a book that a friend of mine gave me entitled Forever His by Marvin Moore. This book is all about the practical application of Romans and teaches us how to have a joyful and unbroken relationship with Jesus Christ. In the second chapter, Mr. Moore describes something that I’ve been feeling for some time. He writes:

Any misunderstanding we have of God will damage our relationship with him. The first commandment says, you shall have no other gods before me. Some false gods consist of images of wood or stone; the problem with these gods isn’t merely that they are made out of stuff that can be seen and touched. The root problem is that they create a false picture of the true God in the minds of their worshipers. Actually, any misconception of God that we hold is a false god.

It’s been nearly 10 years now since I’ve begun my God quest. I was sick and tired of playing the Christian game and I wanted once and for all to learn who the true God of the Bible is. One thing you will learn very quickly if you ever start a God quest is that it’s very easy to make a God in your own image. I learned that I had God in a box and he very quickly tore that box to shreds as he showed me that nothing could contain him. You see, every misrepresentation that you believe about God not only makes a false idol, but also has a corresponding consequence. I believe it was Andy Stanley that said, “If you believe God will heal every illness here on earth, you will be disappointed with the God you have created.”

What kind of false god are you holding on to? It might be time for you to examine the God you serve to make sure you have the one true God.