When it comes to the truth of God’s Word, there are only two choices. Either you doubt it, or you step up to defend it. For young Aaron, doubt was never an option, but defense seemed equally difficult.

At a recent, local Creation Store event, Aaron shared with me his experiences in public high school and college.

He had been taught and had believed God’s Word from a young age, and as a teenager, his peers and teachers in high school never demanded that he explain his belief in God.

Arriving to a totally different environment in college, however, Aaron’s faith was called into question constantly. Aaron realized that while he did not doubt God, he did not know how to defend Him either. He decided it was time to learn.

That’s when the Creation Store came to his aid. With materials from Creation Today, Aaron was able to study for himself and find the answers he needed to give account for the hope within him. Today he is finishing his studies at a Christian college.

How about you? Are you doubting today, or defending?

The choice lies in your hands. If you, like Aaron, need some training to defend your faith, check out our Proof of God resources.

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