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Eighteen Foot Rex Hits Sevierville, Tennessee at the AiG Mega Conference Registration!

We are enjoying the Creation Conference

AiG Mega Conference bursting with excitement in the packed auditorium!

AiG Mega Conference bursting with excitement in the packed auditorium!


Creation Today Booth at Mega Conference

Creation Today Booth at Mega Conference

Excitement bustles everywhere! Here at the Answers in Genesis Mega Conference Registration over 1,600 have already checked in for the fun-filled exciting week of spiritual and physical nourishment. The auditorium is packed out! Rex, my 18-foot pet dinosaur, is chopping at the bit to get out of his trailer and start welcoming the crowd! Here is a picture of our Creation Today Booth. We speak Tuesday night, July 23 at 8:30 pm. The message, Proof of God will be delivered, challenging people to re-think how they defend their faith. We have got to get on top of our game to reach the growing world of atheists and be ready to give them answers to the questions they are asking!

We will be releasing the latest trailer for the Genesis Movie following the Proof of God message. Attendees! Be ready to be blown away!

Then Wednesday night, July 24 at 7:00 pm, we speak to the youth with a message entitled, God’s Glory! I have a burning desire for God to use this message to reach these young people! Pray for these kids!

If you can’t come, you can watch via live streaming. If you are anywhere near Sevierville, get to the conference! You are MISSING it! No matter where you are, you can definitely join me and PRAY for this outreach!

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