Thunderf00t Part 2 review

In part 2 of my talk with thunder foot he continues to show that he has no basis for his worldview. Every time he used the word “assume” he was basically saying, “we do not know this”. How can you do science, how can you reason, how can you think, how can you build a civilization, when you have no basis for reason, science, or thoughts.

In the unbelievers worldview, there is no such thing as “true” or “false”. Yet Thunderf00t cannot help but use those words. He calls them a slip of the tongue but in reality he does not live according to his world view.

In Part 3  Thunderf00t continues to say it is possible that I am wrong about everything, and then continues to accuse me of being wrong.Towards the end fund her foot has to give up atheism in order to defend atheism. He says, “I know for certain that God does not exist.” The only way to know this is if you know everything. If you know everything then you are God. Therefore you would not be an atheist. That is why I say to Thunderf00t “you just gave up atheism.”

Eric Hovind and Thunderf00t Part 3