National Evangelism Day

Every year there is a day people think it is normal to talk to strangers. They are actually people who live right across the street and are suppose to be called neighbors but I digress. This is the day that kids come to your home asking you to give them something. I call it Tract or Treating! After you give them their fair share of sugar, pop in a tract so that they can hear the Gospel!

You can even do reverse Tract or Treating and have your kids give a tract to every neighbor!!! They don’t even have to dress up! Well, they have to wear cloths… unless they are being Adam or….. never mind.  Here are a few tracts that we carry in the Creation Store that you still have time to get before Halloween… AKA.. Evangelism Day!

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We want to thank the team at Living Waters for their continued brilliance in producing these resources.

Hey Hovind, I am NOT religious…

BTW: If you’re not religious don’t worry, we sell Atheist Tracts as well!

Atheist Meme
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