There are a number of factors from earth that limit the age of the universe or earth to within a few thousand years. Though it cannot be scientifically proven exactly when the universe was created, its age can be shown to NOT be billions of years.

  • The decaying magnetic field limits earth’s age to less than billions(1,p.157;2,p.27;3,p.20;5,p.23;6,p.42;9,p.25; 10, p. 38; 11, p. 32, 80;12, p.91).
  • The volume of lava on earth divided by its rate of efflux gives a number of only a few million years, not billions. I believe that during the Flood, while “the fountains of the deep were broken up,” most of the earth’s lava was deposited rapidly (1, p. 156; 11, p.26).
  • Dividing the amount of various minerals in the ocean by their influx rate indicates only a few thousand years of accumulation (1, p. 153; 5, p. 24; 6, p. 42; 11, p. 26).
  • The amount of Helium 4 in the atmosphere, divided by the formation rate on earth, gives only 175,000 years. (God may have created the earth with some helium which would reduce the age more.) (1, p. 151; 6, p. 42; 9, p. 25; 11, p. 25; 12, 83-84).
  • The erosion rate of the continents is such that they would erode to sea level in less than 14,000,000 years, destroying all old fossils (2, p. 31; 6, p 38; American Science Vol 56 pp 356- 374; 11, p. 31, 79; 12, pp. 88-90).
  • Topsoil formation rates indicate only a few thousand years of formation (6, p. 38; 12, p.94).
  • Niagara Falls’ erosion rate (4 – 7 feet per year) indicates an age of less than 8,400 years. (Don’t forget Noah’s Flood could have eroded half of the seven-and-a-half-mile-long Niagara River gorge in a few hours as the flood waters raced through the soft sediments.) (6, p. 39; 7;12, pp. 48-49).
  • The rock-encasing oil deposits could not withstand the pressure for more than a few thousand years (2, p. 32; 3, p. 24;5,p.24;6,p.37;7;11,p.26).
  • The size of the Mississippi River delta, divided by the rate mud is being deposited, gives an age of less than 30,000 years. (The Flood in Noah’s day could have washed out 80% of the mud there in a few hours or days, so 4,400 years is a reasonable age for the delta.) (3, p. 23; 6, p. 38; 7).
  • The slowing spin of the earth limits its age to less than the “billions of years” called for by the theory of evolution (3, p. 25; 7).
  • A relatively small amount of sediment is now on the ocean floor, indicating only a few thousand years of accumulation. This embarrassing fact is one of the reasons why the continental drift theory is vehemently defended by those who worship evolution (1, p. 155; 6, p. 28; 7; 11, p.31; 12, p.90).
  • The largest stalactites and flow stone formations in the world could have easily formed in about 4,400 years (5, p. 27; 6, p. 39; 7). 25. The Sahara desert is expanding. It is about 4,000 years old. See any earth science textbook (7—Part 1B). 26.
  • The oceans are getting saltier. If they were billions of years old, they would be much saltier than they are now (7; 9, p.26; 10, p. 37;12, p.85-87). 27.
  • Ice accumulation at the poles indicates less than 5000 years (7).


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