>>>Evolution Leads to Socialism, Godonomics Leads to Capitalism

Evolution Leads to Socialism, Godonomics Leads to Capitalism

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Exclusive Interview with Chad Hovind on Godonomics

God has a lot to say on the subject of money, and if you want an in-depth yet easy to understand look at what the Bible teaches, read Godonomics! This new release by author Chad Hovind spells out God’s view on the principles of an economy. Like Bob McEwen, Six-Term Congressman, Businessman, and Lecturer on Free Market Economics said after reading Godonomics, “Simple enough to teach kids – researched enough for the Wall Street Journal!”  If you doubt my opinion, please read what leading church leaders and conservatives are saying about this bold work.


 Godonomics is a must-see. It’s an incredible comparison of biblical economics and the culture. An eye-opener!”

—Josh D. McDowell, Christian Apologist, Evangelist, and Author or Co-Author of over 115 books 


“This guy is great! You’ve got to get his stuff! Chad Hovind reveals how the Bible supports free enterprise and entrepreneurship. You’ll laugh and learn as he weaves together biblical history, philosophy, and a passion for business with references to Adam Smith, C.S. Lewis, and Milton Friedman, as well as Steve Martin, Bugs Bunny, and Monty Python.”

—Glenn Beck, Television and Radio Host, Political Commentator, Author, Television Network Producer, Media Personality, and Entrepreneur

“Brilliant! That was my first reaction to Godonomics, a truly brilliant breakdown of what the Bible says about the economy. Touching on everything from profit and charity to capitalism and taxes, Chad Hovind explains exactly why the Bible is a living and relevant road map for people. I encourage you to get a copy. It will change your life!”

—Mike Huckabee, Former Governor, Radio and Fox News Host, Author, Analogist and Leading Voice for Conservatives 


“Simple enough to teach kids – researched enough for the Wall Street Journal. Godonomics is a must see if you care about your country. Godonomics is the truth project of economics.”

—Bob McEwen, Six-Term Congressman, Businessman, and Lecturer on Free Market Economics


“Chad Hovind brings a reasonable voice to both the convinced and unconvinced about God’s wisdom on economics as applied to individuals and to nations. His style combines philosophy and humor (think Steve Martin meets Francis Schaeffer or Jerry Lewis meets C.S. Lewis). You’ll learn not only about America’s history but also the Bible’s prescription to secure the future economic health of our nation.”

—David Barton, Founder of WallBuilders, Historian, Author, Radio and Television Host, Lecturer


“I am continually impressed with Chad Hovind’s ability to make the Bible and its teaching applicable and relevant. He combines humor, philosophy, personal stories, and up-to-date research in everything he does.”

—Dr. Henry Heimlich (The Heimlich Maneuver)


“Chad Hovind is sharp, bold, courageous, and he “gets it.” Godonomics is Superbly done!”

—Dr. Jim Garlow, Lead Pastor, Skyline Church, San Diego and Founder/Chairman of Renewing American Leadership


Godonomics takes us back to the source and the reason for our wealth to help us understand economics: God Himself. You will come away understanding money better, God better, and understanding better why money makes such a lousy god. I commend it.”

—R. C. Sproul Jr., Founder of Highlands Ministries and Teacher for Ligonier Ministries, Author of the book and series Believing God and featured teacher in the documentary Economics Has Consequences 


“Chad is one of the most creative and faithful people I know. He has a way of taking complex and intimidating topics and making them not only understandable but also doable.”

—Brian Tome, Senior Pastor of Crossroads Community Church, One of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Churches in America


“God really has blessed Chad with some wonderful communication gifts, creativity and a sharp mind. He stewards those with deep humility and reliance on God. I wholeheartedly agree with the need for and the effect a tool like the Godonomics teaching can have in people’s lives.”

—Cal Rychner, Senior Pastor, Northwoods Community Church of 4000 in Peoria, Illinois


Godonomics clearly conveys God’s wisdom in finances in a way that anyone can understand! It’s undeniable that there is an economic system that works and one that does not. Godonomics will show you why and how God knows best in everything, including finances!”

—Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, Green Bay Packer All-Star and Financial Consultant


“Wow! God has used you to free and release men of faith trapped by what I’ll call church and state as it pertains to biblical economics. This project provides biblical clarity to most of our past perceptions of what kingdom ministry is all about. More powerful than Dave Ramsey, as you hit the deep places beyond economics to the core of man. You have restored our belief that it is godly to have money; yet, not to let money have us!”

— Carl Satterwhite, Business Owner, Affiliate with Fortune 500 CEO’s in Cincinnati, Ohio


It is clear that every business man and woman needs Godonomics. Every government official needs Godonomics. Every concerned American needs Godonomics! Buy two and give one away today.

Learn more at www.Godonomics.com
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