>>>Evolutionists Hate It; Creationists Love It

Evolutionists Hate It; Creationists Love It

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Brand New Book by Vance Nelson Puts Fossils in Line with the Biblical Flood

Author Vance Nelson painstakingly takes us through some of the most amazing fossil discoveries ever seen. You will never guess what these fossils point to. Yes! A worldwide flood.

I love fossils. Not enough to earn a degree in Paleontology, but enough to collect them, and learn about their history. I also love looking at this amazing evidence of Noah’s Flood such as the sedimentary layers found all over the earth and the polystrate fossils that are buried in them. We even find clams fossils, in the closed position, all over the place, even on top of mountains. How did that happen?

Clams, specifically bivalves, are mollusks that have two shells, hinged together. When clams die, their muscles relax, and their shells open up. Yet, these fossilized clams were found in the closed position! The only way for this to occur, is for large amounts of sediment (stone/sand deposited by water) to rapidly bury the clam alive. These types of petrified clams are found atop mountains including Mt. Everest. How were these shells buried alive on earth’s highest geographical point?

The Bible says that a worldwide flood caused the mountains to rise up (Psalm 104:6). This closed, fossilized clam shell was formed as a result of the Flood’s volcanic activity. God left this evidence behind for us to remind us of His judgment with Noah’s Flood. Cool!  

It’s not just clams. We find billions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water all over the earth. (I think I’ve heard that somewhere before!)

Flood Fossils

Flood Fossils

Author Vance Nelson painstakingly takes us through some of the most amazing fossil discoveries ever seen. You will never guess what these fossils point to. Yes! A worldwide flood.

The upcoming interview with this author will allow him to tell you first-hand about the vast amount of information he has crammed into his latest book in the Untold Secrets of Planet Earth series entitled, Flood Fossils. If you already read his book, Dire Dragons, then you know that Vance doesn’t skimp when it comes to quality. Every page represents an absolute work of art. The images and the writing go hand-in-hand presenting an incredible reading experience. The evidence is laid out in an easy-to-understand format and the conclusions powerfully substantiate God’s Word!

Whether for yourself, or for a friend, you need to purchase Flood Fossils today. The first edition was a limited print run and they won’t last long. We only have 39 left in stock.

Fossils have been used by evolutionists for years to promote the idea that the earth is millions of years old. Let’s take the fossils back and use them for the glory of God!

If you would like to have your own real live clam (well, dead clam) to show your friends the first-hand evidence of Noah’s flood, we’ve got your back! Click HERE.


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