>>>Evolutionists say, “No Fair”

Evolutionists say, “No Fair”

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Scientific Critique Not Fair

The House of Representatives in the state of Tennessee has voted 70 to 23 for a bill that would allow students the freedom to scientifically critique modern scientifically held theories. Quoting from the Channel 9 website article, “Scientists opposing the proposal are concerned it will unfairly target evolution…” Now the bill must be passed by the Senate Education Committee before it goes any further. I have two thoughts on the subject.

Evolution Can’t Withstand a Challenge

  1. Can evolution not handle the fight, fair or unfair?  Evolutionary scientists keep telling the masses that there is lots of evidence for evolution, but yet they don’t think it would be fair for students to give it a scientific critique!  Something smells fishy here. Sounds to me like they enjoy the upper hand of indoctrination and would be delivered a blow if students actually got an education.
  2. Students already have the right to critique the theory! Come on students,: You should know that you are the one with the power in the classroom. Teachers may not be allowed to discuss some things, but as soon as a student brings it up, the debate is on! Now you have opened Pandora’s box and allowed teachers to share their opinions, even if they do not agree with the curriculum.  I have met many Christian science teachers that can’t wait for students to bring up the subject and question evolution so that they can share what they believe and the science that backs it up.

So students, you have the right to question that stupid theory and you should.  Don’t settle for indoctrination, get an education, and that means asking questions. Don’t be afraid to do it!

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