>>>Experiencing Creation Week at the Creation Museum

Experiencing Creation Week at the Creation Museum

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An Amazing New Attraction at the Creation Museum

I had the privilege of being in the audience for the premiere showing of In Six Days in the Creation Museum’s brand-new 4D Special Effects Theater. This 22-minute animated film is a large section of the spectacular feature-length film Genesis: Paradise Lost. I saw that film in 3D at a local theater when it was first released earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. But this new cut, titled In Six Days, takes it to a whole new level by combining the stunning 3D animation with special effects, including rumbling seats, strobe lighting, and other surprises.

Creation Museum guests will thoroughly enjoy the unique experience of donning infrared 3D glasses and sitting back in special seats to be immersed in the first six days of creation week. In Six Days will make you feel as if you were at creation, watching plants spring from the ground, planets and stars form in the heavens, the waters bring forth the sea creatures, and Adam and Eve explore the beauty of Eden.

I encourage everyone to go and see In Six Days during a visit to the world-class Creation Museum, west of the Cincinnati Airport.

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