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Fairytale Land and Theorytale Land

Dora The Explorer

My son was watching Dora the explorer this morning and they went to fairytale land. The magic words you had to say to get there were “once upon a time.”  Once inside fairytale land, just about anything can happen. Poor Boots ate the banana from the Wicked Witch and fell fast asleep. The only way to wake up sleeping Boots was to have a princess give him a hug.

Fairytale Land and Theorytale Land

As I listened to this while drinking my coffee, I couldn’t help but see the parallels between the Dora story of fairytale land and the evolution story of Theorytale land. How? Well, to get into Dora’s fairytale, you had to say “once upon a time.” To get into the evolutionists’ theorytale, you say “millions of years ago.” Once you are in the fairytale, anything can happen, just like once you’re in the theorytale, anything can happen. Think about it: In the Dora’s fairytale, she made rocks sing, got a magic brush that made her hair grow long, and brought the moon down to the earth; in the theorytale land of evolution, something can come from nothing, life can come from non-life, intelligence can come from non-intelligence, order can come from disorder, and structure can come from randomness—truly anything can happen.

In Dora’s fairytale, Boots ate a banana from the wicked witch that made him fall fast asleep. He could not hear anything, or see anything, or say anything. He went blind and dumb. Just like when you are in the theorytale land of evolution, you fall fast asleep and cannot hear the heavens declaring the glory of God. You cannot see simple truths and you refuse to listen to truly impeccable evidence that design demands a Designer. Instead, you swallow the idea of humanism from teachers who say things like: the purpose of life is the happiness of man, the natural world is all there is, there is no God and there are no absolutes. This deep sleep causes you to not be able to hear the truth, it closes your eyes to reality, and you can do nothing to wake yourselves up. The more you try to use your intellect to prove the humanism that you have been taught, the deeper the sleep becomes. Being deaf and dumb, you cannot see or hear the truth that so many people are trying to show you.

In Dora’s story, the only way to wake up the sleeping Boots was to give him a hug. In the evolution story, the only way to wake up the sleeping evolutionists is to do exactly what the Bible says to do—show them love, allow the Holy Spirit to work in their lives, and show them how their world view opposes itself. The best way to do this is to avoid some questions that the Bible describes as foolish. 2 Tim 2: 24–26 tells us that we should not only avoid foolish questions that just bring up arguments, but it also tells us that God can grant people the ability to repent so that they can see the truth. 1 Corinthians tells us that the unsaved person is blind and dumb to spiritual things and that they cannot see the truth.

To the Evolutionists:

I can promise you that you will never see the truth by trusting in your supposed autonomous ability to reason. You must look outside yourself to your creator. Acknowledge Jesus, even if you don’t understand everything, and repent of what you know you have done wrong. Then and only then will you have the opportunity to see the truth.

To Christians:

There are ways that we should not argue, and there are questions that we should not ask. Your job, as someone who has been revealed the truth, is to love as Christ has loved us and instruct those that oppose themselves (evolutionists) in a way that reveals their foolishness so that we can point them to God.

Further Study:

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52 Responses to Fairytale Land and Theorytale Land

  1. Geno Castagnoli May 9, 2011 at 4:00 pm #

    Anthony Keeton claims:
    Eric, I found something fantastic to refute the claims of the theological evolutionists. It has to do with Genesis 1:3. Check it out on my blog:

    Geno answers:
    “Let there be light.” Really, that disproves theistic evolution? Your kidding, right?

    From a theistic evolutionist, here’s my response:
    “Let there be light” = the Big Bang.

    It is my position that light is the worst problem for Genesis literalism. In a universe only 6000 years old, we should not be able to see objects billions of light years from Earth.

  2. Duane Hamish May 9, 2011 at 9:57 pm #

    Todd Thomas May 4th at 6:57 pm

    Respectfully Duane,

    Do you have a rational or scientific argument to put forth for your position or just all question begging epithets and name calling?

    If you decide to put forth an argument, please include your foundational basis for how you account in a naturalistic universe.for the existence of immaterial, universal, and unchanging laws of logic that you must use to formulate your argument.


    First, I would like to apologize for an accusation I made to Eric. I feel that this blog is more inciting than usual but I made a rather rude accusation. I still believe he should respond to questions before bringing out the ban stick. I’m not trying to be trollish, I’m trying to make you think. I believe that Christianity, and this brand taught in here in particular, thinks it has a license to tell people to turn their brains off. How else does one explain a post accusing naturalism of being a “fairy tale” all the while knowing that it presents a story that involves magic and talking animals? Why has no one else caught this? This is far more egregious than the post accusing atheists of namecalling then following it up with post over post of just that. This is up there with presenting lies the text books tell without presenting a text book that tells the lie.

    Anyway, to respond to this question from Todd.

    Logic is an abstract concept. Calling it “God” does not make it God. The presupposition argument is not an argument for the existence of God. Actually, it backfires into being more evidence of the non-existence of God. What it says is that the argument for the existence of God is so weak that the only way it can be justified is by insisting that it need not be proved. What this is based upon is the idea that God can reveal Himself in such a way that the person is certain it is true. Of course the problem with this is that there is no difference between this absolute revelation and a delusion.