Behind closed doors, more and more scientists will admit that evolution is not a matter of fact and cannot possibly explain the origin of life. When penned down by fellow scientists of equal status, many in the world of academia merely reply that the origin of life is something that nobody understands.


Dr. James Tour

As a well-known chemist and professor at Rice University, Dr. James Tour specializes in chemistry, nanoengineering, and computer science. Authoring over 500 research publications over the past 30 years, Dr. Tour has received awards and recognition from the American Chemical Society, Thomas Reuters, Honda, NASA, and others. He has also been recognized as one of “The 50 Most Influential Scientists in the World Today”1

Even with his many scientific accolades, Dr. Tour readily admits evolution holds no fact-filled answer as to mankind’s origin. Shouldn’t a famous chemist of this caliber be able to understand the science behind the claims of evolution?

In this video from 2012, Tour explains his experience with making molecules.

I will tell you as a scientist and a synthetic chemist, if anybody should be able to understand evolution, it is me, because I make molecules for a living, and I don’t just buy a kit, and mix this and mix this, and get that. I mean, ab initio, I make molecules. I understand how hard it is to make molecules.

And yet, Dr. James Tour cannot understand how evolution can explain the origin of life.

About seven or eight years ago I posted on my website that I don’t understand. And I said, “I will buy lunch for anyone that will sit with me and explain to me evolution. And I won’t argue with you until I don’t understand something and then I will ask you to clarify — Nobody has come forth.

Clearly, the world-renowned chemist is not the only one with this conundrum, though few possess the courage to publicly agree.

Let me tell you what goes on in the back rooms of science—with National Academy members, with Nobel Prize winners. I have sat with them, and when I get them alone, not in public—because it’s a scary thing, if you say what I just said—I say, ‘Do you understand all of this, where all of this came from, and how this happens?’ Every time that I have sat with people who are synthetic chemists, who understand this, they go, ‘Uh-uh. Nope.’ And if they’re afraid to say ‘yes,’ they say nothing. They just stare at me, because they can’t sincerely do it.

Nearly 900 scientists, including Tour, have currently signed, A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism, which expresses skepticism in the claims of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life.

Despite this overwhelming testimonial evidence, many will continue to proclaim evolution as dogmatic truth. Yet, those who are honest have no other option than to admit that, “the emperor truly has no clothes!”

Now all we need is for Dr. Tour to become a Young Earth Creationist! Why don’t you pray for this with us.

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