Wow, what an adventure!  Last month we were privileged to host our SIXTH Grand Canyon trip with canyon expert Russ Miller of Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries.  Once again, our tour completely sold out!  Praise the Lord!
We are so grateful for the safety God gave us and the amazing time we had experiencing His creation.  Both the inspiring stories that we heard and the new Christian friends that we engaged, made it a highlight of our ministry year.
God was so good.  Amazing weather, amazing people, amazing views, and an amazing God to worship together!  As I look at the faces of everyone from the 2018 trip, it serves as a reminder of what God has done in each life through this outreach.


This year, I stayed three extra days filming for a documentary we are producing for our site, GrandCanyonMovie.com.  I am so excited about this project!  Over 6 MILLION people tour the canyon each year!!!  Can you imagine countdown billboards that read:

1,000 miles to the Grand Canyon!

There is so much to learn from this Great Wonder. I’d like to ask you to pray for God’s blessing on this project as we edit all the footage. Every scene, every narration, every musical choice—may they blend to draw people to the truth that this world was judged in the past and will one day soon be judged again. The warning that the Grand Canyon provides is astounding, truly a fingerprint of God’s power.


If you would like to keep up with the progress on this canyon-sized undertaking, simply go to GrandCanyonMovie.com to sign up. I can’t believe that I get to spend my life teaching others about our awesome Creator God!
Grand Staircaseingly yours!