Could it be respect?

It is a mark of respect, ironically, to be singled out by your adversary. I was surprised and a little tickled to find that PZ Myers had written a blog entitled “Also, the sharks are smarter than Eric Hovind.” Mr. Myers was apparently not impressed with the blog I wrote last week on the hybrid sharks found off the coast of Australia. You see, some scientists suggested that this hybrid shark was excellent proof for evolution; I simply pointed out that going from a shark to a shark is not evolution. True evolution would require so much more, like changing from a shark to a dog. However, Mr. Myers was quick to express his excitement over the shark discovery, saying, “This is an excellent example of evolution.”

I’m sorry Mr. Myers, but if that’s the best you’ve got, then I am not impressed. If you want me to believe that, because Australian black tip sharks have hybridized with the common black tip sharks  and that is proof that everything evolved from a rock three billion years ago, truly you are deluded, sir. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not insulting your intelligence, I’m simply pointing out that going from a black tip shark to a black tip shark is not evolution in the broad sense of the term.

Kind vs. Species

True evolution would require a spontaneous increase in genetic information as well as an increase in genetic complexity, both without an outside influence. In real science we only observe shifts in gene frequency and mutations of existing genes, which cause slight variations within kinds. [And yes, the word “kind” is a real classification. It was the word used in the Bible for animals that were originally able to reproduce. Now the word “species,” on the other hand, does have some serious problems. To date, there is no single definition of the word “species” that can stand up to scrutiny; there will always be an exception to the definition of this word.]

Mr. Myers is not shy about denying the God of the Bible, and had some very unpleasant things to say last April 1 when I made the April Fools Day announcement that he was now a believer. (I meant it as a joke, but pray that one day it will be a reality!) Getting back to the Bible, we need to see what the creator of all things says about those who deny him. According to Scripture, it is not the “biochemist,” who says in his heart, “There is no God.” It is not the “amazing atheist,” who says in his heart, “There is no God.” It is not the “studied scientist,” who says in his heart, “There is no God.” It is the “fool” that says in his heart, “There is no God.”

This famous passage is found in Psalm 14: 1. There are other passages as well that teach that anyone who denies God, no matter how smart they are, is a fool.

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