Today’s Friday feedback comes from two comments on two different blogs.  It will be in the form of a Video Blog, or VLOG! Sounds exciting, wonder if it will catch on?

Comment #1 is from the blog “Two WorldViews – Creation or Humanism”

Joakim writes:

“If Christianity is true, we are just God’s little toys created simply for the purpose of praising him.

In the Humanist view, we may be the most intelligent and resourceful beings in the universe, able to /construct/ a purpose and meaning of life instead of just passively expecting to have it given to us on a silver platter.”

Let’s address a couple of points:

  1. First, you have mischaracterized the Christian worldview in your first statement; we are not toys; we are God’s children. We were created in His image to represent Him on earth and to glorify Him forever.
  2. Even if what you are saying were true, you couldn’t know it to be true. If all we are is matter in motion, then attributing truth to anything is impossible. Matter in motion does not give us truth.
  3. If God is God then He can do whatever He wants! We know from studying scripture that He does everything for His own glory! (Isaiah 46:10) Everything God does is good! To make any objection would be appealing to the very standard you reject. In Session 6 of Beginnings we get into the truth about life and discover that the God of the Bible pretty much does whatever He wants!  And that is ok, because He is God!
  4. If there is no God, you would not be able to imagine! There would be no abstract, immaterial ideas to think of. There would be no thinking at all for that matter. The very fact that you have the ability to think about this is evidence itself of God! Stop trying to hide what you know to be true. God is God and you don’t like that because you want to be the center of all things.  You want to be the God of your own universe! Romans 1 and 2 tells us what happens when you suppress the truth. Bad things are coming. But the good news is that salvation is not only to save your soul from eternity in hell, but also to save your reasoning now. Please, instead of denying what you know to be true, repent of your sin and trust Christ.

Comment #2 is from the blog “Faith is the Foundation

Jay wrote:

“Eric, I hear you and Sye claiming rather often that the Christian worldview is the only worldview that can account for rules of logic etc etc, but I’ve never once heard either of you (or any other presupassitional apologist) even attempt to back up such a claim. Would you care to try backing that up now, in this post?

How about you just answer these questions:

Why do rules of logic NOT comport with an Islamic worldview (after all, Islam also claims to follow a diety who created and sustains all of nature).

Why do rules of logic NOT comport with a naturalistic worldview that states that laws of logic are constructs that aid in human understanding of how the universe operates?”

Jay, I am making the claim that the Christian worldview is the only one that is true because it has been revealed to us. This is very different than saying Christianity is true because the others are wrong. Jesus said He is the way, the truth, and the life, “no one comes to the Father but by me.”

Now, do the other worldviews fail? Yes, and we can show that, but rather than go down through the list, let’s start with your worldview. It doesn’t make sense to argue over worldviews that neither of us believe. Apparently you are an atheist, so lets start with Naturalism. I have a claim to revelation to know truth. What is your claim to know anything? You might even say, I can’t know anything.

I told my seven-year old daughter that some people claim that they can not know anything, and she said, “How do they know that?”

What is your foundation to reject my worldview? You will one day find that your very foundation to reject my worldview assumes my worldview! I hope you see this truth and repent before it is too late.