At this year’s Answers for Pastors Conference, Eric and Ben caught up with  Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis, to hear his hopes for the outcome of the conference.

In this laid back interview, Ken Ham spoke to the  need of the church not only for revival but for a new reformation. If the church is not standing authoritatively on the Word of God, we will not have revival.

Sadly, the majority of leaders in the church do not understand the ministries of Answers in Genesis or Creation Today. While a literal 6-Day Creation is certainly not a salvation issue, it is definitely foundational to the Gospel and, more importantly, Genesis is the Word of God and all the major doctrines in the Bible go back to Genesis.

If the devil can get someone to doubt the Word of God,
then he can get them to doubt the God of the Word.

In the Garden of Eden, the serpent got Adam and Eve to doubt God’s Word, which led to unbelief and disobedience. As sinners, we are biased against God, so it is easy for us to believe error. Our sin nature causes us to desire to be our own god.

In this era of history, it is creation ministries who are standing on the Word of God and have raised up, by the Spirit of God, to counter the attack on the authority of Scripture.

We need to understand that the battle is not between Science and Creation. It is between the Word of God and the words of men. Sadly, many Christians have succumbed to the belief that these issues are neutral.

Ken Ham also spoke to the collective message of error that the world is giving of “Big Bang, billions of years, molecules-to-man evolution.” While the world has their message down pat, the church is the one giving a confused message by attempting to take the unified view of man and fit it into the Bible, rather than finding unity in the Word of God.

For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound,
who shall prepare himself to the battle? (1 Corinthians 14:8)

We need to be like the Patriarch Job and repent for thinking that we know better than God. Only when we bring people back to God and His Word, will His Spirit bring revival.

Please consider sending your pastor to next year’s Answers for Pastors Conference where they will be blessed and encouraged by fellowshipping with other pastors in this beautiful and educational setting.