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Gabe’s Story | Fall 2012

Last summer, Gabe was listening to satanic music and watching pornography every day. In his own words, he was living a detestable life. For more than a month, his wife urged him to join her for a class their church offered, “Creationism vs. Evolution.”

Like so many, Gabe assumed evolution was “fact.” Proven science. After all, he had learned about evolution in school; it made perfect sense to him. What was there to debate? His curiosity made him attend.

During one class, the leader played a DVD with one of our Creation Today debates on creationism vs. evolution. Gabe was shocked and very quickly realized everything he had been taught previously were lies.

Gabe wrote to tell us about this experience and most importantly what happened soon after:

“The Holy Spirit took hold of my heart
and I surrendered my life to Christ.”

Since then, Gabe has watched and listened to dozens of our resources and has been using what he’s learned to point his family and coworkers to the truth.

Gabe finished his letter by saying:

“I thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
Thank you for your obedience to the Lord’s calling
and being a light in a very dark world.”

Even more important than the creation vs. evolution debate, God is using our resources to lead people to Him for their salvation. Gabe is just one of many who have written to tell us how Creation Today helped to lead them to Christ.

People like Gabe all around the world depend on us to hear the truth about creationism and Christ. And we depend on you. Your partnership with Creation Today helps us produce and distribute these much-needed resources.

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For His Glory,

Eric Hovind
President | Your Partner

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