Genesis 3D PosterSeptember 26, 2013

Genesis 3D Movie Update!

The past 7 days have been some of the most exhilarating, off-the-chart hours I’ve experienced in a long time. We have spent over two years preparing for this opportunity to bring the Genesis 3D project to the Christian community and ask for their support. The moment finally arrived September 19, 2013, and we hope that thousands will see the potential that we see for the film’s impact. In order to share our Genesis project, we filmed a dynamic synopsis of the Genesis journey to date, which many are seeing for the first time on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site.

I am excited to share with you a sample of what people are saying about the project. World Net Daily’s editor, Joseph Farah, featured a superb article aptly entitled, “Watch Evolutionary Theory Crumble – in 3D!”
Thank you, Joseph, for standing on biblical authority to boldly proclaim truth in our culture!

Several Genesis 3D Press Releases have been issued. We praise God that this project is reaching such a large Christian community in such a powerful way.

Continue to pray with us as we depend upon God’s continued, divine provision to move forward with what God has called us to do with the Genesis 3D Movie!

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