Genesis Movie Updates

We are so excited to catch you up on what has been going on in the Genesis 3D production since we released the behind-the-scenes video of our film shoot.

Update includes:

  • First 3D Preview
  • Behind the Scenes “Look out for T-Rex”
  • Film Score
  • Computing Stats
  • Behind the Scenes “Having a WHALE of a Time”
  • $300,000 Goal Met
  • Unlock Bonus
  • Christian Movies in Hollywood
  • Behind the Scenes “Preparing for the Theater”

First 3D Preview

Last month, an audience in Portland, Oregon, attending the Northwest Creation Conference exploded into applause as they enjoyed the privilege of being the very first to view a portion of the Genesis 3D MovieIN 3D!


Creation Speaker Dennis Swift has hosted this conference for almost 30 years and asked me if we could put together a Genesis Movie preview for the conference attendees to experience. And experience it they did! By God’s grace, we now have the ability to take our 5’ x 9’ 3D screen, 3D projector, and 3D glasses to other audiences and give them a sneak peek into what people will experience when this project is released.

When we posted this update on the Genesis Movie Facebook page, John, who was at the event, commented:

I was there. It was great seeing about five minutes of this film. I have never been this excited about a movie. Go see it when it gets in theaters. Thank you, for making the effort to show this to us.

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Behind the Scenes “Look Out For T-Rex”

Film Score

As you know, the music score carries the weight of the film and provides about a third of the overall movie experience making it crucial to “get it right!” Praise God, we’ve obtained some unbelievably amazing talent to do the music score for the film and I look forward to sharing that with you. These accomplished composers are awesome Christians whose work precedes them.

Computing Stats


We now have 50 super computers, with a total of 1000 processing cores, using three terabytes of RAM, running 24/7 rendering out the completed scenes. Total Hard Drive space for the Genesis 3D Movie consumes more than 100 terabytes!

Behind the Scenes “Having a Whale of a Time”

$300,000 Goal Met

As you will see from Genesis we have passed our IndieGoGo goal of $300,000. For that we are so grateful and pray that God will continue to provide. The total budget for the film is $1.5 million and with the funds from the crowd funding campaign, we are about half way to our final goal.

Unlock Bonus

We are praising God that we crossed our second goal of $300,000. Even though this goal was reached after the IndieGoGo campaign closed, we are still awarding everyone who contributed the special UNLOCK BONUS for making this happen.

For this UNLOCK, the Creation Store assisted us by stepping it up a notch! Those of you who contributed will receive an email notification with your code to download the entire Beginnings Creation Series (a $19.99 value) absolutely FREE. Creation Today has received so many amazing testimonies of God using the Beginnings series in people’s lives that we know He will use it in yours and the people with whom you share it. This is one way of saying THANK YOU for being part of this amazing work of God.

Once you view it, make sure to send the Creation Store a “Thank you,” for being so generous with their resources. We are grateful for their support.

Behind the Scenes “Prepping for Theater”

Christian Movies in Hollywood

The Genesis Movie Team cheers all that God is doing and we continue to labor hard to complete this work for the Lord. Many of you have noticed the amazing success of Christian Movies in Hollywood over these past several months. Discussing Genesis 3D with a major advertising agency, they report that the Genesis Movie couldn’t come at a better time for maximum impact. Take a look at what some of these films have done at the box office. (Genesis Movie does not necessarily endorse these films.)

  • Son of God – $67,500,000 (54 Days after release)
  • God’s Not Dead – $50,000,000 (33 Days after release)
  • Heaven is For Real – $34,000,000 (7 Days after release)

Christians want to see truth, and Genesis 3D will  let them experience it! Please share this project with your friends and encourage them to see what God is doing with Genesis 3D. Thank you for your prayers as we continue working on a project that will minister to millions.


Ralph Strean,

Director Genesis 3D

Genesis 3D Poster