Hovind family in Israel

We just took a trip of a lifetime—to Israel and Jordan—the Promised Land! Wow! It was beyond amazing to float in the Dead Sea, visit the Wailing Wall, go boating on the Sea of Galilee, view the Promised Land from Mt. Nebo, climb the cliffs at Petra, and have communion at the Empty Tomb! Our family feels so blessed to be a part of this trip and we will never read the Bible the same again. Not only that, our prayers for the lost Muslim world will be more focused and more often.

I hardly know where to begin to tell you about our time there. Let me start with this, we had the opportunity to hang out with lots of Muslims. Even our guides in both Israel and Jordan were palestinian muslims. They were very kind, very religious, and very, very lost! They know Jesus as a prophet, but they don’t have any idea that He is the Son of God and Savior of the world! We watched as they observed Ramadan, but sadly this fasting/feasting time does not bring them closer to their Creator God.

As I listened to the Muslim response to questions about Jesus, Jihad, and Jews, I couldn’t help but wonder if they had ever read the Koran that they claim to hold so dear. They claimed that their holy book taught them to exalt women, while their Koran clearly does not (Quran 4:11; 2:228 ). They said that it teaches them to never kill, but the Koran clearly declares to kill anyone who does not convert to their religion (Quran 9:5). They expressed that Muslims welcome all religions and beliefs, while the Koran resolutely declares the opposite (Quran 8:12). One Muslim guide even told me that the Arab world can never exist as a democracy. Their lives are centered around a dictatorship, and without this style of rule, they would all kill each other.

We reasoned together. We gave the Gospel. And now we continue to pray for the salvation of those to whom we were able to share God’s message of salvation.

I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ,
for it is the power of God to salvation
for everyone who believes. -Romans 1:16

One of the many highlights of our trip came when we were privileged to show the Genesis 3D Movie to a group of believers in Jerusalem! How exciting that this movie, with an end-game of lifting up Jesus Christ, was first shown in the very part of the world where He was born, ministered, died, and rose again! Humbling for all of us, but we were ecstatic! Praise God!

Thanks to all of you who pray and partner with us. We are thrilled to be on this journey of spreading the gospel through the creation message together.

For God’s Glory,