Official Title for the Genesis Movie!

We are really close to making a huge announcement about the Genesis Movie! Can’t wait to share it with you. In the meantime, we have been having an internal discussion about the title for the film. Although the movie was designed with a certain title in mind, we wanted to be sure that we had it right! The Facebook poll we did earlier this month was very helpful and confirmed the original design. By the way, thank you to all who participated in that poll with us.

As we were prepping for the poll, some friends and I spent a few minutes goofing off and brainstormed a few comical “potential titles” for the film. Please don’t take these seriously because they weren’t meant to have any potential! ;)

“That One Week”

“Seven Days Later”

“Not the Big Bang”

“The Opposite of Evolution”

“How to Make a Universe in Seven Days”

“Seven Days to Make the World”

“Once Upon a Week”

“Remember That One Time…”


I am laughing again just typing these!

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one doing some brainstorming. Some of you left some pretty creative suggestions as well. Titles from the audience included:

“GOD the origin of Science”

“And It Was Good”

“Dawn of Time: How it All Came Down”

“Filling the Void”

“First Earth”

“Genesis Comes To Life”

“Genesis of Genesis”

“Genesis- World Without End”

“Genesis: Apocalypse”

“What Really Happened”

“Genesis: The Lost World”

“Genesis: World with an End”

“Single Spoken Sentence”

“Why Evolution is Wrong”

Thank you guys for your creativity!

I also had a good time reading what some of my Atheist friends suggested for the film. Here were some of their creative titles:

“Genesis: Hokum from the Beginning”

“Genesis: Stuff Made up by Superstitious Bronze Age Nomads” (*I had to edit the first word.)

“Myth Conceptions”

“Genesis: the Myth we Stole”

“Genesis: the Myth the Legend.”

“Rubbish from the Beginning”

Some of you won’t appreciate the humor in these since they are designed to be sarcastic and insulting. However, I have to say, I sure do love my Atheist friends and their creativity! Glad that we can have fun interactions like that. Can’t wait for all of you Atheists to see the film for yourselves! You guys, and girls, will love it!!!

Why not “Genesis Movie”, or “Genesis 3D” or simply “Genesis”?

We just found out recently that the distribution network we are in negations with right now cannot use the word Movie in the title. (I know, sounded weird to me too but what do you do?)  So even though I will probably always refer to this film as “The Genesis Movie” we can’t call it that so there goes “Genesis Movie.”

The number one question we get asked when we tell people that we are making Genesis 3D is, “Will we be able to watch it in 2D?” Using “Genesis 3D” makes people think that you can only watch this film in 3D. It gets confusing and what we want is clarity. This eliminated “Genesis 3D”.

As for keeping it at simply “Genesis”, we realize that this film focuses on the very beginning of Genesis. It really is the Genesis of Genesis. We didn’t want the title to convey to people that the film covers the entire book of Genesis when we are only covering the Creation of the world.

When you watch the movie, I believe you will understand a little more about the decisions we have made. This really is a work of art and the director really has made a masterpiece. Can’t wait for you to see it!

So, what is the official Title?


As you will soon see, this title really does capture the essence of the movie. You will get to experience the paradise of Genesis and learn how it was lost. You really are going to love this film!

Thank you again to all of you who have been a part of supporting this work. We are really excited about bringing it to you and the rest of the world.

Thanks for reading,