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Very exciting things are happening as we get close to Thanksgiving. We have been trying to raise $300,000 through Crowd Funding to help complete the Genesis Movie and get it into theaters. Last night we broke another milestone as we crossed the $250,000 mark with only 13 days remaining. With the last $30,000 we raised being matched, along with the next $50,000 we raise being matched, we are thrilled to watch as God moves us to this mile marker!

God has used Christians from around the Globe to support the Genesis Movie. If you have not gotten involved yet, please take a look at the project and get involved today.

You Decide

We do need your help. We want you to vote on a new scene that will be added to the Genesis Movie.

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Fun Announcement

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Big Announcements

Our third UNLOCK is now available, and it is a big one!

Thanks to the UNLOCKS  that have been made available through the Genesis Movie IndieGoGo campaign, as of this morning more than $5,000 worth of books and videos have been given away to influence people for eternity! We praise God for getting these resources into the hands of individuals and pray that they will reach many with the truth of the Gospel. The UNLOCK codes are only available through the end of the month, so make sure that you go get your earned resources now. This unlock is for an eBook and DVD download.

Fun Announcement 2

God’s Glory DVD Download

Creation: Facts of Life eBook

We would like to thank Living Waters, New Leaf Publishing and the Creation Store for making these offers available. Altogether these UNLOCKS are valued at over $30.

To get the first two UNLOCKS for yourself, you have to visit the update section of

While you are at the Creation Store, feel free to get a Gift Certificate for a friend. The Gift of TRUTH is always a wonderful thing.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for praying,

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