We have been thrilled to hear the results from Genesis Movie Nights that churches and organizations are hosting both nationwide and worldwide! Each time a Public Viewing License is purchased, our office cheers and praises God for the continued outreach!

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Amanda and I am blessed to work customer service at Creation Today! Although I prefer to stay hidden in the background, there is one story that I just simply had to share with you all!
When I first heard that Living Waters – Asia (located in the Philippines) would be hosting a Genesis Movie Night for local teachers and students, I nonchalantly told the rest of the staff that my stepdad, Mike, often visits the Philippines as my family lives on the nearby island of Guam.  Then only two weeks before the scheduled screening, my mom shared with me that Mike was headed back to the Philippines.   Not knowing if, or how, he might attend, I excitedly told her all about the Genesis showing and emailed the leader of the event, Dennis, to reserve his seat.

Because GENESIS: Paradise Lost was not shown in Guam’s theaters, this would be Mike’s first opportunity to see the film!  I couldn’t wait! In fact, I am pretty sure that the staff here got a little tired of my enthusiasm. 🙂
The event was a massive success!  Over 100 students and teachers attended including my stepdad, Mike who teaches both high school and college on Guam.  To say the least, Mike loved the film!
If you have not had the opportunity to share this film with your church or community yet, we would love to help you with advertising resources which are included with the church/public showing license!
Don’t miss this golden opportunity to share the Gospel! Living Waters – Asia didn’t miss it.  Read the full report from them below! 

Successful Genesis: Paradise Lost Screening in the Philippines

Living Waters – Asia always aims to make known to people what God’s Word declares.  This includes the issue of origin. We all know that science has taken the throne of God’s Word as authority in the minds of many people.  This has resulted to more people not giving the reverence that is due God Almighty.

This was the reason why LWA decided to purchase a license to have Genesis: Paradise Lost  screened to the public.  Last July 28, that was actually what we did.  More than a hundred teachers from public and private schools and church leaders attended our special free screening of the movie.  There was even someone that attended all the way from Guam. Attendees arrived early for the event that had them receive freebies as well.  Everyone stayed in their seats as the Christian scientists in the movie argued against the doctrines of the Big Bang and the Theory of Evolution.  The age of the universe was also discussed in the movie and was proven as not so old as what secular science declares. The director of Living Waters – Asia also did a summary of the points of the movie after the film before eventually delivering the Gospel message to everyone in attendance.

The feedback for the movie and the event were encouraging.  Someone commented that if that was the way science was presented to them in college, then they would have easily understood the topics discussed in the movie.  Another said that she now has a better understanding of the existence of dinosaurs and is now capable of helping others with questions about this marvelous creation of God.   Still, many of the people in attendance later posted in their Facebook accounts the line “In the beginning God…”

But what we at LWA are most thankful for was the chance to have declared the Gospel message.  Please pray for the people that have heard the Good News, that they will humble themselves and ask God for the salvation that only He can give.

One Hundred Students, Teachers, and Christian Leaders!

We may never know the impact of this event and others like it!  When will you be hosting your Genesis Movie Night?  Let us know!  We want to celebrate with you!

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