Film About Dinosaurs In The Bible Wins Best Documentary!

This weekend I attended the Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario. We were blessed to be nominated as a finalist out of more than 170 films submitted. Talking to people after the showing of our film we knew we hit home with the audience when the Q&A that followed was filled with people who wanted MORE! GENESIS: Paradise Lost is already packed with beautiful scenes, hundreds of scientific facts, and an incredibly uplifting message and people were still asking for MORE!

As I sat in the audience during the award ceremony, I couldn’t help but think of the hundreds of thousands of people this film has already blessed. I knew that even if we didn’t win in the category of Best Documentary, GENESIS: Paradise Lost had already been a winner in its influence around the world, and we are still early in our release! Think about it, what other movie in the world lets you watch Adam being created right along with the dinosaurs? An Apatosaurus and a T-Rex with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden at the same time! It’s awesome!

After the nominations for Best Documentary played, they opened the envelope…… and then the MC announced, “And the winner is…………. GENESIS: Paradise Lost!”

Wow, what an honor! As the audience cheered, I walked to the front to accept the award on behalf of the Genesis Movie, Ralph Strean, Director/Producer and President of Sevenfold Films, Bill Harrity, Producer and President of Resurrection Pictures, and myself as Producer and President of Creation Today.

Acceptance Speech

This means GENESIS: Paradise Lost has won both “Best Director” and “Best Documentary!” Congratulations to Ralph Strean on all the hard work he has put into this project. If you like Ralph’s work, you should see what he is doing now! His new project Quantum is sure to be an influencer in the film world.

We want to say congratulations to all the nominees and award recipients. Special congratulations to Cindy Bond and the team who produced I Can Only Imagine for winning “Best Picture.”

We want to say thank you to Jason Barbeck, Rafael Kalamat, and the entire Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival for this award. To all the other filmmakers out there, thank you for using the temporal to influence the eternal. May God receive all the Glory, Honor and Praise!

Thanks for reading,