What could be more romantic than roaming the wide open spaces and viewing gorgeous sunsets over one of the seven wonders of the world?
This Valentine’s Day, surprise someone special with the trip of a lifetime! You keep talking about seeing the Grand Canyon and this really is the perfect opportunity. Can you imagine the reaction you’ll receive to a gift like this?

Fall in love all over again while experiencing one of the seven wonders of the world!

Stretching across the planet for roughly 280 miles, this scar-shaped “Monument to Catastrophe” can actually be seen from space! Standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon you get a real sense of grandeur. Walking the pathway to the edge of the canyon, you are transfixed with the vastness of the chasm. Suddenly you consider how insignificant you are on this planet that we call home . . .


  • Creation Tour with Russ Miller, Eric Hovind, and Jayson Payne
  • Guided walks that accommodate your abilities.
  • User friendly 17-mile raft trip on the Colorado River around famous Horseshoe Bend where 800 foot tall canyon walls tower above. Petroglyphs, Bighorn sheep, chuckwalla, osprey, wild horses and eagles are often seen.
  • Luxury bus travel, raft trip, quality hotel accommodations and meals are arranged. You simply join the tour and enjoy the experience.
  • The tour begins and ends in Phoenix, AZ (flights not included).
  • Itinerary: June 7-10, 2018

My 2017 Grand Canyon Rim & Raft Trip
by Stacey Gaona

Most of us can imagine the Grand Canyon in our minds. We’ve seen pictures, or maybe watched one of those episodes on the discovery channel. You might be thinking that it’s good enough. On the other hand, you might be that fortunate person who has been to the Grand Canyon and overlooked its beauty for the brief time you went. 
Well, in 2017, I became one of those fortunate people when I decided to take my two college-age daughters and my granddaughter to the Grand Canyon. This was significant for us because we do not travel much. After five years of desiring to take a trip of a lifetime, my husband encouraged me to go and have an enjoyable time with the girls. Sadly, my husband had to stay behind to take care of the family business.  
When Thursday morning approached, and we all gathered in the van, I couldn’t have been more excited because of multiple reasons. For instance, besides getting to take a handful of my friends to join me, I had been studying Apologetics and scientific facts on the formation of the Grand Canyon for quite some time and finally was going to see it in person. I was ready for an adventure, and that is exactly what I got! 
On the drive up, we made a stop at this cute diner. And before you knew it, we were at the hotel where we were meeting the whole team. Wow! The hotel was so pleasant and the food was delicious. We arrived a little early so we got to relax by the pool, and some of us went to the gym to work out. We had such a wonderful time during our orientation. We had the best Apologist tour guides one could ever ask for with Russ Miller and Eric Hovind. I can’t think of a better team! For any parents reading this, just know if you bring your kids, teenagers, or college students, their lives will never be the same. These tour guides have a way with teaching us real science, which really gave my granddaughter the tools to be able to stand on a solid foundation when she started junior high in the fall. 
During the trip, I couldn’t believe how much we accomplished in such a short amount of time. Delicious meals, comfortable and cozy hotels, a smooth ride on a tour bus with informative teachings, easy trail walk, and relaxing rafting down the Colorado River. Once we arrived at the Grand Canyon we all stood in awe, as if time had stopped for a second and you could sense a need for a moment of silence. Then my granddaughter, who was 11 years old, looked at me and said, “Grammy, I don’t know how to feel. I look at the Grand Canyon and it’s breathtaking, but at the same time this was Gods judgment upon the earth.” It was obvious from the beginning that this was going to make a significant impact on us for the rest of our lives. 
Oh yes, readers, I would love to share with you all the exciting, memorable moments, but at the same time, I don’t want to give away all the glorious hidden treasures of the Grand Canyon. You must go and experience it for yourself!  I have no regrets, in fact, I can’t wait to go back …  and this time, Happy Valentine’s Day, husband! 
In Christ,
Stacey Gaona
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