Thinking of You!

We launched Visit Creation with you in mind! You have worked all year and you want to go somewhere with the family to have a good time and bond together. Yep, we get you!

As someone who is passionate about teaching the next generation the truth about God and the truth about His world, I am also passionate about not working alone. That is why we love to partner with like minded ministries so that we can lift each other up and accomplish more together than we could apart.


Visit Creation helps you and helps other ministries.

I love the Visit Creation website. It brings your attention to places that focus on teaching Biblical Creation and partners Creation Today with dozens of like minded ministries that desire to teach the truth. If you haven’t had a chance to see what is in your area, head on over to the Visit Creation website and take a look at the map to find what is near you or near your vacation spot.

Thanks for reading,