Sneak Peek of Season 5!

Hey everybody!
Today, I’m giving you an exciting sneak peek into Season 5 and a chance for you to help us continue this free programming. Our Creation Today content—which broadcasts on network television, via online streaming and mobile friendly site, and the Creation Today podcasts—would not exist without the generosity of subscribers and listeners like YOU! Please enjoy this video we produced to wrap up Season 4 and prepare for Season 5!

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I want to say thank you to all who have already watched and supported Season 4 of the Creation Today Show. We are thrilled with the responses received from around the world and frankly, we can’t believe that we have had the opportunity to bless so many people with the Ammo they need to defend their faith!


At the end of the show each week, credits roll and names goes by. But that little bit of “recognition” does not do justice to all the hard work that our team does behind the scenes. So, let me introduce you to some of our team members and give them a special shout-out while I do. These guys are the real rock stars and I am thrilled to work with them.

KentAndrewEvery team has someone who is available no matter when they are needed! My brother, Kent, is an amazing man. Kent sets up for the filming; films every episode; imports all the footage; coordinates with writers, our graphic design artist and web department; then does his magic to turn it into a dynamic show for God’s glory! When you support Creation Today, you keep Kent on a camera or at a computer to produce the best Creation Show in the world!

KayHaving great looking graphics is essential in our visual world. Kaylee Kelso, our Graphic Designer, continues to wow us with her magnificent creativity and graphic design. Kaylee takes our show to the next level, constantly improving our branding. She watches and critiques each show, works with the video production department and makes stunning visual images that help demonstrate the topics at hand. Your gift ensures that Creation Today can hire professional designers like Kaylee to continue spreading the gospel in this growing visual age.

ClintToday’s world is driven by the latest technology. Clint Smith, our technical director, takes care of the tech side of the show and works as cameraman, too. His attention to making the most of technology is more than impressive. He, like all of us, wants to see every young person know how to defend their faith in God and the Bible before their first year of college and he works tirelessly to see that happen. When you support Creation Today, you are keeping us up to date with the ever changing world of technology so that we can have the greatest impact! Thank you.

MarianneHaving a great co-host is essential to providing a great experience to the viewer. Marianne Pike has been a huge blessing to the Creation Today Show! Her charming personality and encouraging smile speaks to moms around the world. She connects with the women in our audience that we reach each week in a real way. Many moms need this material to help train up their children with the truth of God’s word. I am so thankful that God has prepared her to use her tallent in a way that glorifies Him. Your support keeps Marianne on the front lines. Thank You.

BeckiIf you don’t have a script, you don’t have a show! Becki Pike is one who loves to be behind the scenes. She has sacrificed many hours working with us to write scripts, film the Creation Testifies, edit the Creation Testify clips, and help direct the shows in the studio. Her attention to detail and willingness to think outside the box is a wonderful blessing as we reach around the world. Both Becki and Marianne assist in lining up interviews with experts and coordinating schedules so that we can bring you the best of the best! Thank you for supporting Becki as she makes a difference “behind the scenes”.

BenBen Schettler has a big personality and a passion to see students have a personal relationship with God. His ability to take just about anything and turn it into a lesson from the Bible is amazing. He is a real joy and brings incredible passion to the program. Ben, Thank you for your dedication and passion to the spreading of the Gospel. You can help Ben continue his mission by supporting the Creation Today show!

Each of us here at Creation Today, wants to use this temporal world to impact the eternal. We want to use this life to make a difference in the next one. That’s why we have been working hard on Season 5 continuing our BattleSHIP Apologetics theme and you are going to love the topics that we cover.


In the meantime, we are keeping all of these fantastic shows available for free viewing on our website. We would love for you to share them with your friends and on your social media pages.

Here’s an idea, do you know a Christian Television Station in your area? Let them know about the Creation Today Show and request that they add it to their programming.  One phone call or letter from you could affect the lives of many! We have an easy to use system for stations to download our content and we don’t charge a dime for broadcasting. It is a win – win – win setup. Viewers win, the Station wins, and Eternity wins! Just have them call (877-479-3466) or email us ( and we will be happy to set them up.

Thanks again for your support. We can’t wait for you to experience Season 5!

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