Some of you still might not be aware of our new production, Creation Today.
Every week, Paul Taylor and I sit down to answer a few questions about creation vs. evolution, dinosaurs and the Bible, the age of the Earth, and whatever other topics we can tackle in a thirty minute format. It’s really up to you and what questions YOU decide to send in. If you’d like to know the answer to something, just send it into us at We’d be more than happy to use it in one of our broadcasts.
Currently, we’re in the middle of our 2nd season BUT you can check out ALL of season 1 on our youtube channel RIGHT NOW!!!
How great is that?!?!
Take a look at some of what we’ve done. We’d love to get your feedback to find out how we can go about producing an even better show as we move forward with our 2nd season. Let us know what you think.