Q: Dr. Hovind, I’m in ninth grade earth science class, and my teacher is already pushing evolution on us very hard. What can I do? I believe the Bible account of creation. Please help me!

Thanks for the e-mail. We get many like it here at Creation Science Evangelism, and I believe I can help. There are certainly millions and maybe hundreds of millions of students around the world in your same situation. Schools all over the world are pushing the evolution theory (which is fine); but the textbooks use lies or great exaggerations as evidence for evolution (which is not fine).

There is a lot you can do! Your options fall into basically two categories: you can keep quiet in class, or you can speak up. If you just keep quiet, you can get through the class and have your faith in the Bible strengthened, weakened, or destroyed altogether—depending on you. But if you keep quiet, you will not be helping to reach the other students or the teacher.

If you decide to speak up when the textbook teaches something that is not true, be aware that there are right and wrong ways to do this. Doing it right requires a lot of work and prayer. Before we proceed I need to know your commitment level. Do you want to speak up or keep quiet? Pray about it.

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Help! I’m Being Taught Evolution In My Earth Science Class!
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