Over 40 Million Will Leave The Faith

Statistics can tend to feel distant—not something that can affect your personal life. But just think about this for a moment.

“Commissioned by a private foundation, “The Great Opportunity” is an independent report estimating that over 40 million young people who were raised in Christian homes could walk away from a life with Jesus by 2050.”

We are in a spiritual pandemic! Those numbers are so staggering that you, your children, and your grandchildren will feel the fallout.

Scary. But now what? How do we do our part?

Creation Today is fighting this war at ground zero.  We are turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones by building a community of people learning and growing together to wholeheartedly experience and share Christ through the foundations of Scripture.

The truth is, when people are confused they are going to lose. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Creation Today is making answers accessible and understandable for every generation.

We thought perhaps you might like to be a hero to others by being a part of this work. 


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A Foundational Understanding Of Creation Changes Lives!

Reclaim Grand Canyon

Help show people that the Scarred Earth points to the Scarred Hands of Jesus Christ.

Rebuild Believers

Our Core Mission Here At Creation Today is to give answers to those seeking the truth.

Reach Students

70% of college freshman walk away from their faith. College Outreaches make a difference.




How You Will Make an Impact?


Being relevant to the needs of today’s culture remains top priority for Creation Today. Investing much labor, resources, and prayer, we continue producing cutting-edge material to meet the growing urgency of impacting this culture with our ultimate authority—the Word of God.


Creation Today is dedicated to assist churches in their mission. Along with his many other engagements, Eric has spoken at over 500 churches in all 50 states and 10 foreign countries, teaching pastors and lay people alike to glorify God. Producing relevant Small Group Curriculums, Tracts, and Online eCourses to help equip churches for the task of discipling individuals to KNOW and DEFEND their Creator.


Taking it to the streets, Creation Today continues to embark on paths to reach communities. Engaging with Atheists at the Ark Encounter’s Atheists’ Protest, the Reason Rally in Washington, DC, seven Grand Canyon Tours, and at the dedication of the Atheist Monument on US soil, all demonstrate our clear commitment to lead the way in community outreach.

“For me, it wasn’t that evolution made me doubt my own faith—I didn’t have any. Evolution kept me from knowing the truth and building a relationship with the one true creator of the universe! Thank you for opening the door for me to know HIM!”

Andrew, On Reaching the Culture

“Thank you for speaking at the Creation Museum Weekend Event where  over 2,000 folks came to tour the Santee Creation Museum (not counting the simulcasts to other museums), more than 3,000 attended the event, and 25 young people became followers of Jesus Christ!”

Steven, On Teaching the Church

“The resources we received from Creation Today have revolutionized the way we do ministry!”

Chris, On Leading Communities

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seeking the TRUTH around the world!

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