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How to question evolution in class

A teenage boy recently asked a question from our Facebook page. My heart goes out to him with everything he is going through. Here is what he wrote:

Hi my name is Eli and I have been watching you and your dad for about a year now, and just want to say you have made a massive impact in my life. But I have a question and I’m really worried. I’m only 14 so I’m in high school. But my biotechnology teacher was talking to the class today about evolution and was saying that you can’t “believe” in evolution, you “know” evolution and that there is so much evidence in the DNA that supports it, that it is closed minded to not accept it. I raised my hand and asked if we were going to learn anything about intelligent design. She of course said not, ruling it off as unscientific and that you can’t test it. I have no idea what to do because I want to defend my beliefs or at least be able to argue my point and not have to hear about how amazing evolution is every day. I’m sure you get kids all the time in my position so what should I do? I don’t want to be rude in a sense of destroying her in a debate (all debate skills I have, I learned from you guys) but I don’t want her converting kids away from God because they are NOT hearing the opposing ID viewpoints. So I would really appreciate it if you could let me know what to do.

In case you don’t see it, here is a 14-year-old kid on the front lines of the battle for souls here in America. He is battling for truth in the minds of his peers. There are kids like this in just about every high school, youth group, and college campus around America.  They are a young, but determined, army that is doing all they can to battle against the tide of humanism and the lies of evolution that suck the truth out of people’s lives and leave them wondering what life is all about. They are desperately trying to link arms with others that are fighting the same fight, and being hit with the same questions.

Here were a few of my thoughts:

First, thanks for standing up for what is right. It takes a lot of courage to do that. I also appreciate that you are not trying to just make the teacher look bad. That is wise and I commend you for being that mature. 1 Peter 3:15 says that we need to be able to speak this truth in love and be humble about the fact that we are right.

One great tactic in approaching your teacher is to ask good questions. Things like:

  1. How did information arise out of matter?
  2. How did order come from disorder?
  3. How did life come from non-life?
  4. How did everything come from nothing?

These are the kinds of questions that show Evolution to be a religious worldview just like Creation. You see, “science” deals with things that we can see, test and demonstrate, so Evolution is not part of science as it cannot be seen, tested or demonstrated.

The questions above reveal the truth of their beliefs. Evolution really is a religious worldview. We cover that issue in Session 1 of the series Beginnings.

Now, according to 1 Peter 3:15, you also need good answers to tough questions as they come up. A great book that covers what the teacher is teaching and exposes the lies that are being taught is Dr. Hovind’s new book, Help, I’m Being Taught Evolution In My Biology Class. It is a great resource for getting to the truth.

You may want to watch the session, “Lies in the Textbooks” from our Creation Seminar as well. It covers lots of things that are being taught right now in the textbooks that are just not true.

Praying that this helps.

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51 Responses to How to question evolution in class

  1. Duane April 11, 2011 at 10:33 pm #

    Robin Mauro April 11th at 11:03 am

    Adaptation and mutations are not the same as evolution. And If everything is evolving, and becoming better, then why do we still have apes? They evolved, right? If the theory of evolution were true, everything would evolve itself right out of existence. And why in thousands of years, have we never seen one animal evolve into another? The millions of years aspect to the theory of evolution is a convenient one.

    No, actually Adaptation and mutations ARE the same thing as evolution. Evolution does NOT claim everything becomes better, only that it changes. Sometimes it is more complex, sometimes simpler. Sometimes it is better, sometimes it is not. All evolution requires is adaptation to the situation the being is in at the time. If it is advantageous it is kept. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt or help and is kept. Other times if it is useless, it can eventually disappear. Whales, for instance, no longer needed legs so they eventually were discarded. There was no advantage to keeping them and no disadvantage to their disappearance. And animals evolving into other animals is a misconception. A population of mammals might separate into individual populations and be prevented from interbreeding. Over time, they will face different environmental pressures and adapt to them in different ways. Not to mention other pressures such as sexual selection (where females might choose one type over another) and even genetic drift. Given enough time, those populations can become significantly different to the point where they are essentially different animals. One must also consider that unlike humans, with our long lifespans, animals reproduce many, many more generations and they don’t alter their environment to suit them, so they must adapt or die.

    We still have apes because they are the 2011 version of apes as we are the 2011 version of humans. They are very different than the apes of 5 million years ago. We’re just an offshoot of the apes. They are our cousins, not our grandparents. We just had an extra beneficial mutation at some point in the last 4 million or so years since out population separated from theirs. We have enough in common with them genetically to show we are indeed cousins, including errors. A common designer, using the same tools and basic blueprints , would not make the same error in one branch so we would all have it.

    Millions of years is not just convenient to evolution, it is the truth. A truth, incidentally, that was arrived at by scientists who were Christians. There is plenty of evidences that the Earth is as old as 4.5 or so Billions of years old and that the universe is 13.7 Billions of years old. A simple one is that we see starlight from stars more than 6000 lightyears away. Check out Eric’s video on the age of the universe. It’s made up entirely of irrelevant circumstantial “evidences”. It doesn’t matter if a bristlecone pine is 4000 years old or if Niagara Falls is not 4 billion years old anymore than my being 40 affects the age of the earth. All Eric’s “evidences” state is that they are the age they are.

    Evolution has also been used to justify all kinds of atrocities and racial hatreds. It’s the survival of the fittest you know so why then have any compassion on your brother? If they suffer and die, it is just natures way of improving, right? This is the end result of the theory of evolution, whereas God commands us to
    Love your brother as yourself.
    Who do you answer to Steve?
    Yes, Christianity, as well as other religions, have been used in this way also.
    Humankind is evil, and without excuse.
    From the beginning of time, God’s works and ways have been evident throughout all of the processes of nature, so man is without excuse.
    As a scientist friend of mine once asked of evolution,
    “Why would it?”

    Ah, the bigger picture.

    You cannot see the forest for the trees sir.

    I pray that God will lead you into all truth.

    NONE of this matters. The truth is the truth regardless of whether it leads to atrocities. A lie is still a lie regardless if it leads to good. I would rather believe the truth. No one has demonstrated the truth of your God or the Bible and when it comes to science, it is demonstrably wrong. No matter how many times your church says it is the truth (and they say it over and over), it is an empty statement until they can demonstrate it IS the truth.