In the realm of science, we are led to believe that there is no bias, that the evidence speaks for itself and that the scientific community merely reports the facts.

However, when one looks at the trends of scientific discovery, a pattern emerges.  This pattern is not one guided by blind chance (much like the theory of evolution, itself), but rather shows signs of being premeditated, orchestrated and executed.  It is no small accusation to bring against the scientific establishment, but it must be stated: Evolutionism is a propaganda campaign.

Ida Rejected as a Missing Link

With the recent advent of “Ida,” the fossil heralded as the “missing link,” books were released, news stories disseminated, and television specials spawned.  This new, lemur-like creature was the missing piece of the puzzle!  The establishment began their unbiased coverage of this new find—this new find that was 25 years old.  That’s right.  Ida was neither new, nor the missing link.  It seems this new find was merely the next tool in the establishment’s propaganda cycle.  You see, within just a matter of weeks of its unveiling, Ida was being rejected as the missing link by the same outlets that had shoved this fossil in the faces of the public as the missing link in the first place.  This latest evidence didn’t hold up.  However, the retractions paled in comparison to the hype and hoopla received by the initial story.  In other words, the scientific establishment had selected yet another bogus “evidence” to loudly proclaim as the missing link and then weakly whispered their rejection of it once the public was well-assured that the missing link had indeed been found.

Ida is an Evolutionary Propaganda Campaign

This sort of cycle is common, and is the intentional pattern mentioned earlier.  The scientific establishment has an agenda.  This agenda is to remove God from the public consciousness by filling this consciousness with false science and false evidences for a false theory.  It does not matter that each story hyped in the news lacks real scientific substance or credibility.  It only matters that the public’s mind is constantly assured of the accuracy of this false science called evolutionism.  Sure, New Scientist will explain that Ida was not the missing link after all, but how many people know this?  Why weren’t there books and television specials and documentaries produced about this?  Why the weak retractions?  And why did the establishment jump on the Ida bandwagon to start with, as weak as it was?  This is not an isolated case.  This occurs time and time again.  Ida, and other “missing links,” will always be loudly proclaimed and quietly retracted, because evolution is not science.  Evolution is a propaganda campaign. Evolution is science falsely so called.