Children are the future, and honestly, I am worried about what the future holds! Children are being told every day that they are nothing but an animal; they are “mother nature’s science project.” This teaching is having a devastating effect on their thinking and our future. At Creation Today, we desire nothing more than to impact individuals to know and defend their faith in their Creator—God. Our outreach events, specifically intended to educate children on the truth of creation vs. evolution, have been changing the lives of many. While secularists claim that Scripture is contrary to Science, we get to teach kids that true Science and the Scriptures go hand-in-hand. We love exploring the treasures found in merging God’s World with God’s Word. Over the last 10 years, our live events have included animal presentations, creation videos for children, science workshops, science camps, kid’s conferences, and so much more! Please pray for us as we continue to impact children over the next 10 years for the glory of God!

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In 2009, we began production on an exciting series called Creation Minutes. Using cutting-edge visual effects and digital technology, each episode challenges the evolution theory and gives evidence of the Bible’s historical and scientific accuracy. But what we didn’t realize when we began creating the Creation Minutes was the way they would propel us into our biggest project yet—The Genesis 3D Movie! The movie is now complete and we are working hard on distributing this film in theaters later this year.


We can hardly believe that 2017 marks the TEN-YEAR anniversary of Creation Today! In May, we asked a Ten-Year Anniversary Trivia Question, and some of you won free downloads for responding with the correct answer. The question was, “What happened on May 2, 1998 that greatly influenced the founding of Creation Today?” For those of you still wondering….

Eric Hovind graduated from Jackson Hole Bible College on May 2, 1998.

“I graduated from Jackson Hole Bible College! Yeah, it is hard for me to believe myself since studying and reading and writing were not my thing at age 20! Many of you may not know that I was privileged to be a part of the inaugural class of Jackson Hole Bible College! I wouldn’t trade that time in my life for anything. As I reflect back, I continue to thank God for the tremendous way that education shaped my life. Those godly instructors helped mold me for service to God in the field of Apologetics!

Now, I have the privilege of being a professor each year at this unique institution, investing in the lives of many precious young people. Over the years, the lasting connections I have made there have continued to bless me personally and have also advanced the work of the Lord through Creation Today.

If you are fresh out of high school and looking for God’s direction, I urge you to consider this all-encompassing, year-long, in-depth study of God’s Word. I highly recommend this life-altering college experience that will change you and your service to the King eternally!” ~Eric Hovind

Now, be one of the first ten people to answer June’s Ten-Year Anniversary Question in order to receive a FREE download of Creation Minute #3 – The Grand Canyon Flood.

QUESTION: In how many languages has Creation Today translated the Creation Minutes?

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A special thanks to everyone who sent us their feedback last month! We look forward to even more testimonies as we remember the way God has worked in us the past ten years and look forward to what He will continue to do through us — for His glory!

“Awesome ministry, my wife and I have learned so much from the DVDs we have purchased on the flood, dinosaurs, how the Grand Canyon was formed. Great teaching, truthfully put together. Thank you all for being a watchman on the wall. God bless!” – James N.

Please pray that God will continue to bless Creation Today as we equip believers, train children, and reach the lost through the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ our LORD.

For His Glory,

The Creation Today Team