Can you believe it? This year Creation Today is celebrating 10 years of impacting creation for Jesus Christ! Over the next few months we will be highlighting various stories to update you on our work and mission, culminating in a Creation Today Picture Timeline which will be released at the end of the year.

beginnings eric

 2009 – Eric Hovind filmed Beginnings in Pensacola, FL

In today’s world of digital technology, feedback is instant, and boy do we get feedback! Lots of it comes in the form of “Thank You” to our staff and team for the production of quality training material. However, our Atheist friends have been over zealous to leave their feedback with us as well, and NO, it is not typically positive! 🙂 But that’s OK! We truly believe we are accomplishing exactly what we need to accomplish as we seek to bring the Truth to the lost.

So, as we look back on past ten years, our staff is wondering how you and your family have been impacted by Creation Today. We would certainly love to hear your story! Then stay tuned to upcoming posts as we remember God’s faithfulness and look ahead to future projects.

FUN FACTS: From now until December, we will be asking a “Question of the Month” regarding prodigious events in the history of Creation Today. This month, be one of the first ten people to correctly answer the following question and receive a FREE download of Eric’s personal testimony — God’s Glory

TRIVIA QUESTION: Eric Hovind graduated from which Bible College on May 2, 1998?

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For God’s Glory,

The Creation Today Team

Hi guys. My name is David and I’m from across the big pond in Scotland. I just want to say it is mighty blessing to be able to watch your programme. As a Christian in this wonderful country, it is edifying to my spirit soul and mind to hear Godly revelation concerning creation. God bless you all. —David, Scotland