There’s no denying the fact that Creation ministries are having a global effect. While they were seemingly non-existent a mere 30 years ago, things are slowly changing in the war against evolution. As you can imagine, this is starting to worry our secularist friends. They have held the monopoly on information for so long that evolution should be an undisputed fact by now! Instead, the fires of dissent are cropping up so frequently that even Professor Richard Dawkins is becoming alarmed…

Speaking at the Edinburgh International Science Festival in April 2008, the world’s leading atheist-evangelist commented that the rise of creationism has created serious problems for science teachers. “It is a very worrying trend,” Dawkins complained, “I have spoken to a lot of science teachers in schools here in Britain who are finding an increasing number of students coming to them and saying they are Young Earth creationists… it is such a staggering mistake that it is very concerning to hear this.”

While Dawkins may be worried, here at Creation Today we are blessed to use the resources and opportunities God has given us to impact the world for Christ. Over the past ten years we have been able to reach believers and non-believers with His truth. Here are just a few of the many different avenues of ministry He has opened to us here and internationally:

video-podcast-thumbnail-1dCreation Today Show – In 2011, Creation Today launched The Creation Today Show. Six years later, more than 130 episodes are broadcasting on three continents, equipping thousands to continue battling the anti-Christ, anti-Bible spirit that consumes today’s culture with the absolute truth of God’s Word—beginning in Genesis. Our website reaches 180 countries and passes the ultimate success test measured in transformed lives.  Under the leadership of President/Speaker, Eric Hovind, creation materials are now translated into 42 languages and the Creation Today team is blessed to receive hundreds of testimonies each year from those whose lives have been impacted for eternity. 

Creation Network – As president of Creation Today, Eric’s heart has always been to synergize the Creation movement. Over the past three years we have utilized various avenues to reach the world with a united message of HOPE as we point the lost to Jesus Christ — the Creator who became our Savior! Currently we are partnering with 122 different creation speakers and ministries around the globe!

Creation Events – Are you interested in attending or hosting a creation event in your town? Check out for a comprehensive listing of the events in your area.

Search Creation – Tired of wading through unbiblical results to your internet searches? We created a search engine just for you! Just go to, type in your question, and get customized results from 43 of the top websites on Creation, Apologetics, and Biblical Hermeneutics.

Visit Creation – Planning a road trip? has you covered! With 82 creation museums and tours worldwide, you absolutely must utilize this website when creating your next vacation itinerary.

Creation Certification – NEW! Not only do we get to encourage and promote other creation speakers, it is now our delight to partner with Genesis Apologetics to provide certification for those who have been called to creation ministry. Find out more at Creation Certified!

International trips – Over the past decade, Eric has been honored to share the Gospel in eight different countries around the globe. His most recent trip to the Holy Land was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Christ and to minister to Palestinian Muslims who have never heard the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. [Read more ]

Genesis 3D AdGenesis Movie – Creation Today is in the midst of producing the most ambitious project we have ever undertaken – Genesis 3D. This movie depicts the first chapter of Genesis in full stereoscopic 3D animation, intertwining interviews with leading scientists and theologians. Rivaling anything on Discovery or History Channel, the theatrical projected release of Chapter One is the fall of 2017.  Pioneering this work is just one of many endeavors as Creation Today’s mission remains steadfast: impact the world to KNOW and DEFEND their creator—GOD!


We can hardly believe that 2017 marks the TEN-YEAR anniversary of Creation Today! In June, we asked a Ten-Year Anniversary Trivia Question, and some of you won free downloads for responding with the correct answer. The question was, “In how many languages has Creation Today translated the Creation Minutes?” For those of you still wondering….

Through the dedication of so many international believers, the Creation Minutes have been translated into 22 languages and continue to air on television stations around the globe!

July’s Ten-Year Anniversary Question: Be one of the first ten people to answer and receive a FREE download of the Risen Series: Session One!

QUESTION: In how many countries has Eric Hovind been able to speak?

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A special thanks to everyone who sent us their feedback last month! We look forward to even more testimonies as we continue to remember the way God has worked in us the past ten years. Please pray with us for the upcoming release of the Genesis Movie, that God would provide the funds we need to send it to the right distributors and that countless lives will be touched, changed, and transformed by the power of the Gospel.

David from South Africa: Just want to encourage all of the people of Creation Today that you really do make a huge difference in adding to the understanding of who God is and who Jesus is in relation to the creation of the world! Thanks for all of the episodes and work of The Creation Today Show and I cannot wait for the Genesis movie to be released! God’s Grace to all of you!

As the world changes around us, let’s remember to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus Christ and His kingdom. Impacting the world with God’s Truth doesn’t happen overnight but someday we will all be able to see how God used our feeble efforts — for His glory!

Thanks for reading and thanks for praying,

The Creation Today Team