YOU Can Impact Germany!

Creation Today again invests in people of other nations and languages in a 10-day Creation & Apologetics Conference Tour in Germany. Eric joins Quad Cities Creation Science President, Helmut Welke, fluent in German and Apologetics. Helmut’s veracity for Scriptural and scientific accuracy is evidenced in all his speaking. Eric’s zeal for taking the Gospel around the world is evidenced by Creation Today’s investment in translations totaling 42 languages.  Their ambitious schedule during the tour has all the conferences already booked full! Pray for this duo’s endeavor along with six other outstanding speakers October 30 – November 7 as they blitz Germany with eternally impacting truth! For more details on this tour see Kreatikon 2019!

YOU Can Be a Hero!

Your prayers and financial gifts allow Creation Today to continue translating and teaching on mission fields. You, the prayer warriors and generous donors are the HEROES who keep us on the front lines of spiritual warfare. Join us on your knees and with your earthly treasures in Creation Today’s Fall Fund Drive and be a HERO for Eternity.


If you know someone who speaks German, check out these Creation Today resources that are available in German: