Welcome to the Bible Q&A Podcast with Tim Chaffey and Eric Hovind. This podcast is designed to answer your questions about the Bible, Church History, and Theology.

In this episode, Tim and Eric address a number of questions raised by people who believe Christmas is a pagan holiday and shouldn’t be celebrated by Christians.

  1. Does the Bible command Christians to celebrate Christmas?
  2. Why do some people use x-mas instead of Christmas?
  3. Is it okay for Christians to celebrate holidays that aren’t spelled out in Scripture?
  4. Was Jesus born in September? If so, why celebrate His birth in December?
  5. Would shepherds be in their fields in December?
  6. If December 25 was originally a pagan holiday, how can it be okay for Christians to celebrate Christ’s birth on that day?
  7. Doesn’t the Bible forbid the use of Christmas trees?

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