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After 17 years of traveling and speaking on Creation Apologetics, I am amazed at how confused so many Christians are on subjects like Creation, The Flood, and Biblical Authority. Is Genesis just an irrelevant book filled with nothing more than moral stories and spiritual allegories? Or is the Book of Genesis an actual and accurate historical account? 

In the New Testament, Jesus and the Apostles repeatedly gave credence to the Book of Genesis; yet even those who believe in the inerrancy of Scripture are often confused by subjects like a Six Day Creation, the Flood, the Ice Age, Dinosaurs, and Ancient Human History.

What exactly happened, “In the beginning?”
How can we know for sure? And why is it important?

From the very first chapter, we discover that Genesis holds the key to understanding our origins. As we delve into the next few chapters, we learn that it is the very Foundation of the Gospel and the solution for our culture. Yet everywhere we look, we find Genesis being reinterpreted by secularists within and without the church. This has caused so much confusion and a general rejection of God’s Word. However, when we bring the Scriptures to bear on the World around us, we discover that the History in Genesis is confirmed, rather than contradicted, by our scientific discoveries. And when Christians realize that Genesis is truly the history of the world “from the beginning,” it will change the way they view everything!

“The Age of the earth is not essential to Salvation,
it’s essential to the doctrine of Salvation.”Key Art Graphic

With interviews from a dozen scientists and scholars like Steve Austin, Danny Faulkner, and Andrew Snelling, “Is
Genesis History”
is a brand new look at the events recorded in the Book of Genesis and confirmed by the world around us.  

This well researched and informative documentary from Del Tackett is booked in nearly 700 theaters as a one-night-only event on Thursday, February 23rd. Check the updated listing for a theater near you! Discussion guides and Posters are available upon request to help you promote and prepare for this film.

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In an age where secular humanism runs rampant, we will only find Truth when we go “Back to the Beginning” and view God’s World through the lens of God’s Word. Please take a friend to see this film and then let me know what you think!

For God’s glory!


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